Tuesday, April 22, 2008

penang's saga continues... why all the big fuss??

The move by CM Lim Guan Eng to appoint Gerakan's former deputy secretary-general, Lee Kah Choon to the board of InvestPenang and Penang Development Corporation has drew a lot of attention and criticism.

"As a matter of principle, Barisan doesn't encourage or allow any of its members to be working for the Opposition" quoted Najib.

Gerakan Adviser Lim Keng Yaik said it would be difficult for Lee as both Gerakan and DAP would be suspicious of him. Gerakan would be wary as Lee would be promoting the agenda of Pakatan Rakyat state government while DAP would be guarded as he is still a Gerakan member.

Keng Yaik, what are trying to tell the people? You think people are stupid enough to buy your story. Please la.. just quit as adviser to Gerakan and go enjoy your ill-gotten money in absolute retirement. Your statement would only make us see clearly how you continue to make a fool out of yourself and how idiotic one gets each time they talk through their ass. You are one fine example.

As far as my knowledge takes me, Gerakan was a well respected party under the helm of the late honorable Dr Tan Chee Khoon. The principles that Gerakan upholds was the key to the party's success for many years. All these started to rot the moment you took over at the helm. You spent too much time trying to fortified your position to safeguard your personal gain. You sold the party's principles for your selfish interests. You are the one who is solely responsible for the party's downfall. That will go down well in Gerakan's history book.

Then we have our Tourism Minister trying to sabotage the ruling state government by re-channel the funds allocation to her newly formed Tourism Committee to over-ride the ruling state government tourism board. If this is not vindictive, i don't know what it is call. Perhaps, she reacted for her personal interest too.

Now we have the second bridge project put under scrutiny.

What does all these sagas tells us?

I laud the CM's move to appoint Lee Kah Choon to the board, based on his merits despite the fact that Lee is from the opposition party. This is the maturity and professionlism in governance Pakatan Rakyat have been showing since they took over the 5 states. Pakatan Rakyat have already closed ranks and started working towards the betterment of the rakyat.

It is already 45 days after the election. Why are BN idiots still barking around without cause? Total selfish and disgraceful act. Laughing stock to the world communities.

Mr Prime Minister, take the cue from the Chief Minister of Penang. Take this as a model of governance for Malaysia. You cant go wrong as this is exactly what the rakyat expect from you.

As for that old idiotic scumbag Keng Yaik, the whole scenario is not as the way you have painted it. Penangites chose DAP over Gerakan for change. None of them regretted. DAP is confident that it will serve Penangites well. So confident that they have no fear in appointing their nemesis to the board of the state government agency. Nothing to do with politics. Anyway, Pakatan Rakyat have more qualified talents than the whole BN combined. Totally outclassed in every department.

So Keng Yaik, don't ever open your mouth again. You are totally irrelevant. You never was and never will. Go check your popularity among the rakyat.

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