Monday, April 28, 2008

university malaya racist cry...

The context of the memorandum (translated)

"Therefore, I as the Head of Graduates of University of Malaya would like to advice all our fellow graduates of University of Malaya to combine forces and prepare ourselves together with all the necessary knowledge and preparation before we continue our fight in the actual battle field. This advice implies mainly to our Malay Graduates. We must treasure the sacrifices made by our ancestors which tried so hard to ensure that Tanah Melayu (Malay Land) is free from the intrusion of alien races. We must not fall into the category of those who forgets their roots until they will be taken over by other races. Graduates must prove themselves that we are capable and the best choice to take over the throne of governing the country in the future. This implies with the theme of MPMUM Progressive, Dynamic, Professional. There is nothing more important that can compared to our always-sensitive and improving Graduates. I also would like to advice all Malay Graduates to prepare ourselves in facing all sorts of unpredicted challenges that may occur in near future, relating to the rise of our fellow citizens, in particular to the non-Malay races. Don't let ourselves slack and allow our "enemies under the blankets to attack us" (direct translation from the Malay idiom). Don't allow our Malaysia to fall into the hands of those who are irrelevant".
Apparently, the person (with indon name), who wrote this denied responsibilty for this letter. Like i always said, they only have f**king balls when they are in groups, but when they are alone, their balls disappear totally and they start to whim like a faggot. Whoever wrote this, do you have the balls to own up? Show yourself to the rakyat. Show yourself to me. We can settle this one to one. I guess so.. you f**king chicken shit!! Just like Kerismuddin!!
It is also very obvious that this asshole is abusing his position and try to use MPMUM platform to enter into political foray. The whole thing backfired as majority of its members have matured and refused to be drawn into his plot.
Guess who have the last laugh?
One thing for sure, this asshole will be kick out at the next MPMUM election.

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