Tuesday, April 15, 2008

something for all to ponder...

I dunno about you guys but i have noticed lately that The Star chief editor Wong Chun Wai have been promoting himself vigorously through his own press. This thick skinned moron have the guts to publish his f**king con face at least twice weekly. What is he up to? Trying to redeem his popularity which was totally flushed down the sewerage pre-cum- post PRU12? Or he is trying to take a shot at the MCA presidency race? Watch out Ong Ka Ting!!

Chun Wai Chun Wai, we will never ever forget how you twisted true facts and lied through your publication. You are definitely of the lowest mankind. You sold your soul to the devils.

The Securities Commission have been conducting seminar on Ethics and Corporate Governance.You can enrol yourself together with those bunch of cabinet ministers and learn something about Honesty, Fairness, Good Faith, Integrity, Transparency and most importantly, Accountability.

Scumbags of Societies.. That is what you all are!!

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