Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what is there to worry....

'We cannot afford mess up in Penang'
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I refer to the above interview and here are some excerpts from YB Jeff Ooi:

The Challenge
“The state ministers - the excos - some of them have not even had the experience of running a company, let alone running a state portfolio. So that is what we are worried about, the lack of experience, and this could be a target of attack by the opponents.”
The Sabotage
One of the key things that we saw was the dissolution of the Penang Tourism Action Council. I think Penang is one of the four (states) where the tourism action council MOU (memorandum of understanding) is being withdrawn and the fund is going to be channeled through federal agencies.
Number 2, there was a wildcat decision by RapidPenang - the Khazanah-owned bus company - to withdraw their regular schedule of making stopovers at Komtar - a hub for commuters - without pre-informing the state government.
Number 3 was basically the Labour Office releasing information about the retrenchment without pre-informing the government as well. So these are the type of the rough edges, which if not managed properly, could be interpreted as the new government having no capacity or capability to run (the state).
Dear YB Jeff Ooi,
The Rakyat had made their choice for a sweeping reform and entrusted all their hopes onto you and your fellow Pakatan Rakyat colleagues to bring about changes that are beneficial to the rakyat and country itself.
We have gone through decades of bad governance where our rich resources have been continuously raped and wasted through corruption. Needless for me to elaborate further as the rakyat has awakened to the fact that our country have been ruled by people who only know how to play politics and mislead the rakyat for their own selfish needs.
So your concern pertaining to lacking of experience at exco level need not arise. Furthermore, to rectify this setback, the state government has already move in a positive manner by organising in-house training to improve the quality of its staff.
All those actions taken by the federal government against the Penang state government are issues beyond your control. CM Lim Guan Eng had on numerous occassions extended his intention to work hand in hand with the federal government but his good intentions was met with further sabotage.
So, what is beyond our control we just let go of it and work within our means. Let the rakyat be the eyes to judge. As long as Pakatan Rakyat runs the state government in good faith that is, for the interest of the rakyat and country, BN is doomed for sure.
Pakatan Rakyat rule can never go any worse than what we had for the past 4 decades.
Drawing of salary is acceptable to the rakyat. And if the performance warrants a bonus, it is also acceptable to the rakyat.
Meanwhile, just concentrate on your responsibilties to your family and the country.

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