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new scandal - halal certificates...

By Little Bird posted by Raja Petra

Kawan-kawan, last week there was a news report showing the new Minister for Agama, Zahid Hamidi, presiding over some meeting at the Pusat Islam. The Director of the Pusat Islam Dato' Wan Mohamad Bin Dato' Sheikh Abdul Aziz, a strong PAS supporter, was also present and looked very uncomfortable.

There was something going on at that meeting. Money was changing hands – tens of millions of Ringgit was being siphoned off. Here is the story. Jakim is a totally tiu nia mah, f**ked up Gomen organization run by muther f***ers of the lowest grade. These are the so-called religious bastards. You will guess by now that I really, really do not like these turds.

Jakim steals money from people from the sale of its tiu nia mah Halal Certificate. If you are an instant noodle manufacturer, if you are a coffee shop owner serving Muslims, if you are bakery, etc., then you will know what is this Halal Cetification is all about. It costs money. You need a Halal Certificate if you want to sell food products to Muslims. And where do you get this Halal Certificate? From these same bastards lah! It costs you money, you can bribe them, you can kau tim, etc.

Just so that our Muslim brethren can eat stuff a Halal Certification is required. It is not a law or a legal requirement but this is Malaysia. The law of the jungle applies here. This Halal Certification brings big bucks to JAKIM. No one knows the exact millions that comes into JAKIM's (and the Gomen's) coffers but it runs into the tens of millions. Lately the Prme Minister has been pushing to give the JAKIM bastards the sole franchise to issue these Halal Certificates. Here is an old news report:

Pemberian logo halal diselaras Semua negeri setuju arahan PM guna logo dikeluar Jakim. PUTRAJAYA: Hanya Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) boleh mengeluarkan logo halal di negara ini dan penggunaannya berkuat kuasa serta-merta.PM Arah Semua Negeri Guna Logo Halal Jakim Sahaja.

MELAKA, 7 Mac (Bernama) -- Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hari Selasa mengarahkan semua negeri supaya menyeragamkan penggunaan tanda halal dengan menggunakan hanya logo halal yang dikeluarkan oleh Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim).

So the Idiot wants everyone to pay JAKIM for the Halal Logo. So JAKIM gets all the money. Was there are other ulterior motive? Well, just last week Zahid Hamidi who is now Minister-in-charge of JAKIM announced that from now onwards the issuance of the Halal Logo or Halal Certification will be handed to an animal known as the Halal Industry Development Corporation or HDC. Who is this HDC?

It was a company spearheaded by the SIL to develop the Halal Hub on Pulau Indah. However, the Hub never took off. It became another landscam. Some land was bought cheaply under the camouflage of the HDC and then sold off to others at a huge profit. A person by the name of Gnanalingam who runs the West Port on Pulau Indah may know more about this matter. Westport borders the Halal Hub. It always involves land.

It is known that the SIL, his porpoise-look-alike wife and the Idiot are involved in this HDC. (Kawan-kawan a porpoise is a close cousin of the dolphin). Folks say that the SIL, his porpoise-look-alike wife and the Idiot are frequent guests of honour at HDC events. Hmm…

Here is an old news story about the HDC's plans: HDC to Take Lead in Halal International Certification(14/9/2007) By Nor Baizura Basri. BANGKOK, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- Several multinational companies have asked the Halal Industry Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (HDC) to take the lead in establishing an international Halal certification scheme to pave the way for worldwide acceptance of Halal products. At dialogues with HDC, they said Malaysia should take the lead in the area of certification, "to basically provide the certification process for all the companies involved in the industry, especially in Thailand and Indonesia," HDC managing director cum chief executive officer Dato' Jamil Bidin told Bernama.

The shareholders of HDC include the Matrade people from MITI plus interests related to SIL. So now the HDC will issue the Halal Logos and Certificates and HDC will make all the money. But the logo will still bear the certification of the JAKIM which is a Gomen institution. So JAKIM's name will be used but the HDC will make all the money. Lembu halal punya susu, sapi haram punya nama.

Despite losing six states the monkeys just don't learn anything. Maybe we should just kick them all out, altogether.

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