Tuesday, April 22, 2008

traffic chaos in the city tonight...

It took me 1 hour 45 minutes from my office in Jalan P Ramlee to reach Jalan Kucing using Jalan Sultan Ismail. Apparently, i heard over the radio that there is a function at Putra World Trade Centre. Traffic chaos caused by a function at World Trade Centre? How can that happen?
I would said it happens all the time. First, we have VIPs abusing their status indiscrimately incovenient the general public at their convenient. And then we have under trained traffic police manning the roads. At one stage, we have to wait half an hour before they allow us to move. All because they have to clear one road way in advance for some silly VIPs with police escort to pass. And then it happened again and again at different intervals.
This is what we people in KL have been putting up with all these years. And it doesn't stop with these VIPs. We also have to face those big construction companies who indiscrimately barricade up a big portion of the road at their convenient without taking the general public into consideration.
Its high time for the authorities to look into this. General public gets incovenient using the road on a daily basis. Attitude of VIPs have to change to be more public friendly. Usage of police escort need to be regulated. Traffic police have to be trained to access and man the traffic indiscrimately.
To all VIPs, your status doesn't entitle you to inconvenient the general public at your wimps and fancies nor does it made you a better human above everybody. Behave and be considerate. That will at least makes you a respectable person. Makahai!

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