Friday, April 25, 2008

political vendetta against penang dap's rule..

Since the fall of Party Gerakan in Penang, MCA have been taking advantage of Gerakan weakness by launching a political vendetta against DAP rule in Penang with the help of their controlled MSM. Apparently, every moves that CM Lim Guan Eng make is subjected to heavy criticism by our MSM. And thanks to the MSM, they have succeeded in creating certain rifts within DAP and Pakatan Rakyat itself.

First, we have the Indians uproar claiming that DAP is not representing the Indians community. Much as i recognised the important role of HINDRAF that started the call for reforms, but i cant bring myself to understand the uproar by certain Indian quarters. Clearly, someone somewhere is creating this rift for their personal interest. And to the educated Indians, please take a good look at the present situation and ask yourself whether was there any changes for the betterment of the Indians community barely 60 days after the 12th general election as compared to what you all had during the 40 years of BN rule? This is not Bollywood so don't get so dramatic by making non issues into issues like making accusations and demands.

Secondly, we have our own dinosaur politicians within DAP and PAS who were still stuck in their era refusing to let go of their ideology to adapt themselves to the present technology age. Why cant they just shut their mouth up so that they don't give MSM any chance to create and exaggerate non issues at every slightest opportunity. Aren't Pakatan Rakyat coalition suppose to work hand in hand and stay united for the same cause?

Then we have BN realising the collapsed of their coalition with their so-called chinese and indians representation being butchered to pieces at the 12th general election, Thus BN will go out at all length to make life miserable for all the Pakatan Rakyat ruled states. So far, Penang DAP ruled state have been subjected to never ending vendettas. Projects being delayed and some being cancelled due to rising costs. Whether it is a legitimate reason is every one guess.

The cancellation of the PORR project is welcome by most Penangites as the project is seen as non beneficial to Penangites. PORR was original seen as another project to line the pockets of certain cronies and its viability remain questionable. Penang should be left the way it is now. There have been enough development over the past decades. Any further development will further caused Penang to lose its charm as Pearl of the Orient. Tourists travel to Penang for its natural sandy beaches, food varieties and the warmth of Penangites. Putting up mega structures will only turn tourists away for tourists already have better and more mega structures in their own countries. Same argument can be make for the plan Duty Free Port Dickson.

Regardless of what the MSM have been portraying and what our federal government did to destabilise, Pakatan Rakyat ruling state government should held their head high up for they have created a high standard of governance which is difficult enough for BN ruling idiots to catch up. The more BN and their MSM try, the more the rakyat get fed up.

Time for a change in government. Enough is enough. They definitely don't have the country interest in mind.

CM Lim Guan Eng has done Penang proud.

Syabas CM Lim, Syabas Penangites.

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