Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ketuanan melayu.. ketuanan melayu..

Why the need to make a fuss out of ketuanan melayu? As far as my knowledge carries me, there have never been any problem with non- melayu in helping melayu in improving their status so that they wont be left out in accordance to the Constitution. Not until the moment Umnoputra start to abuse this special position and turn it into their political agenda.

After years of propagandizing this cause, it turns out every bit of this cry is just a farce.. True that we can see melayu been pushed up to holding top position all sectors, but it is also true that what we see today is just an eye wash to hoodwink the majority of the melayu for umnoputras' selfish interest. Only umnoputras get to be supreme.

In what way does it makes a melayu more supreme than the non-melayu? Driving big cars? Or rather holding on to top position in most organisation? The true fact is none of the melayu in the top circle has made it on their own which is, without the help of the government and the dreaded NEP.

And now we have Shahrir coming out to defend ketuanan melayu by bringing in the monarchy. The power of monarchy was never questioned in the first place. If everyone can remember, it was the umnoputras under Mahathir helm that had show disrespect to the monarchy. So who are they to bring monarchy to defend ketuanan melayu now.

All in all, i can say that it was Umno that played up this ketuanan melayu cause which resulted in their downfall. To the extent that they start flexing their power indiscriminately by oppressing the non-melayu. Our PM may give his subtle version of ketuanan melayu but what was done practically has already did the damage infinitely.

I hold more respect for my melayu friends who worked hard in running their warongs to make ends meet. And to all those who made it through the help of NEP, you all are nothing to me. Just a bunch of lazy, brainless scumbags.

Pakatan Rakyat was right in coming out with Ketuanan Rakyat as part of their manifesto and i don't really give a damn how they are going to get it work. One thing i know for sure is that it wont be as bad as what umnoputras preached. Malays being marginalised wont be an issue in Ketuanan Rakyat as the non-malays are still keen work with the malays on a win-win situation. Definitely not by those oppressive manner the non-malays have been receiving from umnoputras.

Pakatan Rakyat is the way to a prosper Malaysia.

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