Wednesday, April 23, 2008

checklist to evaluate your trading techniques..

1) What books or materials have you been reading?

Consistently soaking in knowledge is a must in this profession and as you grow your desire for outside literature should increase. Be selective of what you read and be selective of what you absorb.

2) Where is your understanding of charts?

Most people have no direction when it comes to trading, especially when they first begin. Understanding trends, support and resistance areas is a must and helps to solidify a practical trading plan. Were you still throwing darts this or did you plan your trade and trade your plan?

3) Stay Flexible:

Did you remain flexible enough to catch the subtle themes that did present themselves this round? As traders grow they realize just how important it is to remain open minded and flexible, in order to play what is in front of them. Are you moving more towards flexibility or becoming more set in your ways?

4) Proper Exits:

One of the most important areas, if not the most important area in trading is cutting losses. How did you handle losses the last time? Are you still lugging around broken inventory hoping for a come back? Did you take a major loss on one particular position over another? Remaining unemotional and being able to cut positions quickly is often the mark of a successful trader. Did you make any progress here lately?

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