Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MCA man tells all.....

Walau eh... walan leh... but why only now? Is it a BN ploy to sacrifice some small fish to show their seriousness in fighting corruption? What about the big fish? Why not question Hishamuddin on his IKBN project? How he lobbied for an increase at least 300M to a budget of 8oo taxpayers' millions to the IKBN project? What about that EPU bigshot Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan for his involvement in negotiated tender namely MICET project and Skudai army depot and the MBSB loan scandal which were all covered up as soon as the scandal broke out? Check the status of those projects and how many more hundreds of millions were pumped in to complete the incomplete project. All the above scams were linked to only one bumi company. No open tender. The lists goes on and on.

Mr Prime Minister, if you are serious about fighting corruption for the love of the country, expose all these scams without fear and freeze all their ill gotten gains and put those goons where they belong.. We, the rakyat, will be behind you all the way. We are truly the country grassroots, not umno grassroots which swayed with the direction of the money.

As for the gungho MCA man, whatever your motive is, i am giving you the benefit of doubt. Not all MCA representatives are bad. Only those who always hogged the limelight makes MCA looked bad. With all due respect, it's a little too late now. MCA is irrelevant.

My take on your action: your faction is going to take on the Ong Brothers Enterprise for the leadership of doomed party. On that action, you have gained a big mileage over them. Try rope in Ong Tee Kiat, Liow Tiong Lai and Dr Wee Ka Siong. These are good people.

Meanwhile, I am for a Better Malaysia

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