Monday, August 18, 2008

Dramatic weekend filled with lies that undermined the intelligence of The Rakyat...

Two days of suspense, with the help of MSM harping up the euphoria on the possibility of Malaysia winning the first ever Olympic gold and the million ringgit reward, all ended up with a tinge of disappointment. Expectations were high. Well, at least i wasn't that disappointed as i was able to keep myself close with reality. Chong Wei lost to a better player last night. Clearly, what is lacking with all our athletes is Mental Strength and Chong Wei is one of our few athletes who possess such strength aside from Nicol David and a few other bowlers. We did get that silver and this is the world's greatest event where all the best meet. We should take consolation in that.
What can be worse than our country's political state..
We had Saifool's swearing by the Quran followed by certain hypocritical politicians promptly taking the opportunity to back up on the validity of the swearing. I do not want to question whether such swearing is proper or whether it can hold in a court of law. Perhaps, they are trying to transfer this case to Syariah Court as their earlier attempts to charge Anwar in common court of law failed miserably with their loosely fabricated contradictory evidence.
Say, how about getting the DPM and Rosmah to swear by the Quran over their involvement in the Altantuya C4 murder case? In this case, we had 3 SDs made in relation to this case and why is the court refusing to take these SDs into consideration. Something is not right here, isn't it? Maybe the couple should take their swearing on the Quran. I believe they would do it without any qualms to prove their "innocence". What difference can it make? If they were really involved, they have already sinned in the eyes of Islam. So would it make any difference for them to lie again and take the swear on the Quran? What is clearly visible to us now is there is an attempt by someone in power protecting their breed by trying to cover up this Altantuya case. So, please put a Stop to blatant Abuse of Religion.
And again, we have press photographer been beaten up by "PKR supporters". With more than 20,000 people out in the street on nomination day, it is not difficult for anyone to start something like this and the rest would just join in blindly. Like the earlier incident, the man in the photograph looked more like an outsider.. maybe someone from '3-line' or our special branch. That's maybe only but we can't take away that possibility. You cannot blame me for being sceptical. This kind of mob acts has been practised by our administrator on quite a regular basis recently. Last I heard was this Chinese detective who got hit on the head during the Hindraf rally was actually induced to give them an excuse to propagandize the peaceful march into a violent march. Poor guy was being made a scapegoat without realising it.
To stop all these scene from recurring, my advice to PKR is to advise all their supporters to stop any fights from happening by stopping the instigator rather than jumping in the bandwagon blindly. Without the blind support of the crowds, any instigator would now have to think twice or thrice before acting.
Now I come to the interesting part..
"Are they asking for freedom without limits? There is so such thing in this world." says Pak lah. Lets talk about freedom here. Firstly, it's very clear that our PM is not in touch with reality here. Freedom is indeed one of the issues that the people is fighting for and the question of limit remains subjective. But what we do not agree is the degree the limit has been set and the blatant biased way that it has been implemented. Pak Lah, how do you explain those street demos staged by UiTM students in Selangor and later in Permatang Pauh over a mere proposal by Selangor MB? Why the need to have such a big reaction even after PM qualifiy that Khalid doens't have the right to do so? Why is there no action taken against the organiser? I don't see any roadblocks being setup nor did I see any army trucks patrolling the street. And I did remember clearly that your very government did called for students to stay clear of politics. Yes right, as long as they make a stand favourable to you, you can pretend to sleep and not notice. Yet, you fail to see that the people want the freedom of speech to voice out their dissatisfaction over the rampant abuses that continue to breed within your administration.
Still don't get the message? Perhaps, here is something simple and direct enough to knock some sense into your thicked skull and permanently etched it onto whatever grey matter you have left, so that you can eat, sleep, breathe and live with this message.
For heaven sake, stop insulting our intelligence. Your only way out is to act fairly and rightfully. There is no other way around it.

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