Thursday, August 7, 2008

Umno goons just fear Anwar...

Make sense? Why not? If not, why the need to fabricate charges against Anwar despite the fact that people have been shown proof that it was indeed a conspiracy by certain quarters to keep Anwar out of Parliament. Now that they cant produce hard evidence on sodomy charge, they decide to charge him with voluntarily committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature. What a joke for such a clear cut conspiracy case. However, credit must be given to Judge SM Komathy Suppiah for upholding justice when the question of bail were raised.
Imagine they have 142 BN MPs in the Parliament yet they try to keep one guy away... Now, what does this tells us? Umno just don't have the balls to face up to Anwar. Probably, the very sight of Anwar would make them soil their underpants, merely for the fact that Anwar used to be their superior. Now i really wonder why....
Be a Man and Fight like a Man!!
And they even get the Election Commission to set the poll day on 26th August which falls on a Tuesday. This prompted PKR Information Chief Tian Chua claim that the day set won't be in PKR favor as it falls on a working day and that the turnout would be seriously affected for the reason that many voters would be inconvenient. I somewhat agree with him to a certain extent. But this by-election is in Penang, so it is also under the jurisdiction of the Penang State government with consent of the Yang Di Pertua to declare this day a state holiday for this defining historical moment.
Perhaps, that is too much to ask. Nevertheless, I do have Faith in this Wind of Change and i Trust that the Consensus of the People for the Betterment of Our Beloved Country shall prevail on any unravelled ground.
Say what you like... Anwar is going to regain Permatang Pauh with ease. I am not going to predict the majority. That's for gamblers.


Malaysian Joe said...

Hi there.. just replying to your comment on my page of potential expletives... :). Nice blog you have here and for me my blog should reflect my feelings but it also should convey my thoughts and feelings in the most civil manner. If we resort to too much expletives, it would just mean we are just as bad as they are in name calling. Well just my two cents... your blog is pretty well written.. :).


Malaysian Joe said...

correction.. UMNO goons do not fear Anwar. Only some who fear that if he should step into Parliament, he may sway many to walk across the divide. He is charismatic enough, eloquent enough, knowledgeable enough to put many that hold "esteemed" position in BN to shame. Well, Syed Hamid isnt even worth to be the floor mat.

TheWhisperer said...

Believe me joe, they cant talk to Anwar face to face. That was the reason why they sent Shabbery Chick to the Debate.

Syed Hamid's 3M floor mat purpose has expired long ago from wear and tear. Too many political masters have been wiping their feet on him. That explains his baldness.

warrior2 said...

But then even a consentual act is an offence!
AS for fabrication, well, let the court decides. You are jumping the gun!
Tuesday being a working day affects both side. You are making it as such that only the pakatan voters/supporters are working! hehe

TheWhisperer said...


Pardon me for being blunt here.

You still have faith in our judiciary? What about the first medical report and the doctor's SD?

Lets talk about chances of the police to fabricate and the chances for this doctor to lie..

You are such a sad case.. Your mouth seems to move faster than your brain..

Now i fully understand what cakapapasaja stands for..

warrior2 said...

pardon me for being blunt too here.

I have faith in the judiciary and only people like you dont because you only want to see and hear what you want to see and hear. Like I said before in other blogs, the system is fair and working when it makes decision which sides anwar and it is bias, coorrupted and there is conspiracy when decisions go against anwar.

The first medical report and the SD? What about them? Like I said dont jump the gun. Let the court decides!

Fabrication? Doctor lying? wow, the conspiracy theory! what else can I say.

My brain works fine. Yours dont have much brain cells left like I said in the above posting.

My blog of cakapapasaja is about anyone can say what they want without fear of being censored like many blogs out there. You dont understand that because you dont have much brain cells to tell you that! hehe

cedar said...


stop making yourself a joker!

Malaysian Joe said...

cedar... he is... so we laugh....

Anonymous said...

warrior2 is a true to life illustration of a cyber GOON who is not only a joker+clown+goon but a moron who is deficient in grey matter (I hope he knows what that is, but then again I doubt it) and has appallingly atrocious weaknesses in:
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Warrior2 has a surfeit (am sure he has to look up the dictionary to know what this means lol) of :

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