Sunday, August 3, 2008

MRR2 cracked up: Samy, what happen to the 70M to reinforce the support pillars?

Yes, it is the same stretch that hit the headlines some time ago and the same one which Samy Velu blamed it on God's weather creation. And also the same one where the government purportedly spent 70 millions of valuable taxpayer dollars to reinforce 31 of its problematic pillars. And yet today, part of it cracked causing massive jam.
What happened today really prove my suspicion right for I have made my suspicion known long ago as to the manner those repair work were been carried out. I travelled past this stretch daily and all I noticed was that they erected those scaffolding around those affected pillars and only to have a few workers chipping away at the concrete. There was no sign of heavy machinery nor were there any sign of steel or carbon consignment being delivered. So it all looked like a pillar dressing job to a layman like me.
In the first place, were there really serious cracks in these pillars or it is just another media propagate drama to justify their need to allocate 70M for re-channelling purposes? Lets give them the benefit of doubt that there was indeed serious cracks. Yet, the thought of spending 2.25M to CFRP only the top horizontal arm of the pillar which cant even cling itself to the main structure is beyond my layman view. So there goes the CFRP reinforcement purpose and now it look more like a face job comparable to us plastering our ceiling.
And finally, after spending an astronomical sum to erect this stretch of flawed elevated highway and a further 70M to correct it without penalising those responsible, we have now our DPM assuring us that the government will conduct an in depth investigation over what happened today. What a joker this asshole is... Investigate and then what? Allocate another 100M to further dress up those pillars. What about penalising all those responsible, strip them of their ill-gotten wealth and lock them up in jail? Let me remind you that what happened today could have been worse... many lives could have been lost here. Not to mention those inconveniences that regular users of this stretch continue to face.
Perhaps, I may suggest that our DPM call for investigation right from the beginning of this project. Find out why weren't this contractor penalise in the first place. Was it because of some hanky-panky that might expose those high up in the corridor of power that they let this contractor off just like that? And further check the scope of work given out for the 70M job and have experts to check all those pillars in question: check whether it is consistent with the contracted scope.
This time, the people want blood... We want those responsible to be haul up and held liable at all cost no matter who they are. If the BN government cant bring themselves to do it, then step aside and allow the PR government to have the privilege.
Satu lagi Projek Barisan Nasional. PTHOOI!!!


peng said...

PM suddenly woke up from his sleep and said 'the cracks could have been avoided if previous repair works were carried out RESPONSIBLY!
He's slapping his own mouth!
Trying to pass the buck, is it?
How can a leader make such a statement? He is the head of the cabinet. He should have been on top of things. Not claim ignorance and blame it on the minister. He should know that as PM, the buck stops at him!
Mr. PM, it is better that you shut up and continue to sleep. Don't open your mouth to reveal your incompetence and frustrate us Malaysians more!

TheWhisperer said...


I too noticed that they actually put up large posters of all our PMs before the 12th GE and it is still there now wrapping around those problematic pillars.

Perhaps, it's a sign of a bad omen that is going Umno's way. Their downfall, i hope.