Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frogs make appearance on eve: sign of a wet polling day...

Dissatisfaction with Anwar, so 200 quit PKR
Sungai Petani, Malaysia - Frustrated with the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, some 200 Parti Keadilan Rakyat members left the party. Led by Zamil Ibrahim, who is former secretary to Merbok member of parliament Datuk Roshid Din, the group included members from Jerlun, Merbok, Sik, Baling, Padang Serai, Alor Star, Pokok Sena, Pendang and Ipoh Barat in Ipoh.
Also joining the group were members from Angkatan Muda Ipoh Barat, Angkatan Muda Merbok, and the Chinese community from Kulim and Merbok. The defecting members, however, will not join other political parties.
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Report like this coming out on the eve of polling day is another sign of desperation. I chose not to believe as it appeared on BN's very own MSM. Is this news relevant to the Permatang Pauh by-election? Read those divisions named in this report.. Jerlun, Baling, Alor Star etc etc. Clearly, another effort by the MSM to publish unrelated information to neutralize BN's unfavorable position. So this report may well be another of their lies or dirty tricks. Who the f**k are these Angkatan Muda people? With this 'Angkatan Muda' name to their credit, they may be one of those Umno's brainwashing organisation. That makes their PKR status questionable.
What other dirty tricks have they not leave out? They are reports of heavy police presence in Chinese majority areas to intimidate and instill fear to discourage the Chinese from going out to exercise their right to vote. And now, the traffic has come to a standstill in Permatang Pauh. I would say this jam is deliberately created by the police. Yes, to make it inconvenient for people to cast their vote. Another desperate effort to reduce the voter turn-out... to reduce Anwar's winning majority, so to speaks.
Well, if the outcome did not come out in BN favour, it would indeed be a Shame to Najib. Anything Short of a Win is Not Acceptable. Especially so when they only have to concentrate on this by-election. Not mentioning all those machinery deployed.
Pakatan Rakyat is not without fault either. Poor coordination, lack of planning etc etc. Repetitive mistakes as was visible during March 8th but I will come to that later on...
Meanwhile, we wait for the outcome of this by-election. I would say Anwar shall prevail with a minimal majority of 10,000 votes. The upside remains unpredictable as it is dependable on the sabotages that is happening on Ground Zero today itself.
Oh, one more thing here. This one goes out to fellow bloggers out there who campaigned relentlessly to bring The People together. Bloggers like RPK, Susan, Haris, Anil and many others who clearly make That Difference out there. My Salute to All of You!!


TheWhisperer said...


Hisham Rais reports that alleged hantus (phantoms) been caught in Mengkuang Titi. What next?

Calon PKR Anwar Ibrahim bersama dengan penyokongnya telah menangkap “hantu”.

Kejadian berlaku di Mengkuang Titi. Keadaan agak tegang di sana.

PEKIDA a.k.a geng adik beradik juga berada di sana untuk memanaskan keadaan. Penduduk kampung nampaknya lebih “matang” daripada PEKIDA untuk mengawal suasana.


It has been confirmed that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has flown back to KL, indicating that UMNO has lost and that he no longer sees any purpose in remaining in Penang. A few more busloads of phantom voters have been stopped. With barely an hour left till the polling stations close, and the thousands still stuck in massive traffic jams at police road-blocks, it is feared that many will not be able to vote -- thereby denying Anwar the 15,000-17,000 majority.


Voter turn-out is very low, estimated about 60%. Many factories refuse to declare today a public holiday. They will, however, allow their workers time off for a couple of hours but the massive traffic jams due to the many police road blocks are deterring the voters from going to the polling stations.

PKR is mobilising cars and motorcycles and is knocking on the doors of the voters who are yet to come out to vote and is ferrying them to the polling stations. The rain is also a stumbling block, especially when many depend on motorcycles for transportation.

peng said...

Yes I wish to join you to thank and salute the bloggers who campaigned for change. Thank you too for your updates (cannot 'harap' news from the msm). You guys & gals indeed made a difference!

TheWhisperer said...


Kuala Lumpur bookies have reduced the odds of Anwar winning by a majority of only 4,000 votes. UMNO has estimated that Anwar may win by about 6,000 votes. Gangsters have been going around the Chinese areas to warn the Chinese to not come out to vote.

TheWhisperer said...


RPK and Mkini are both predicting a winning margin of 10,000. But could it be more?

peng said...

For me, a win even if it's with a lesser majority is victory. For we have to bear in mind all the dirty tactics and underhand tricks employed by BN to deny Anwar a bigger majority
(BN is bluffing themselves if they think of winning). We must remember this poll is not played out on a level playing field. BN still has the upper hand in dealing out tricks and treats.

Malaysian Joe said...

In politics... ppl come and go... while they did not report on the thousands that moved fr MCA, Gerakan, MIC and UMNO... let them have their day la... its the result that counts.. whats the point of bragging your numbers?

TheWhisperer said...

lol joe.. not bragging here. just my observation.

Those appearing here on comment column are just updates from Ground Zero. No words added..

Malaysian Joe said...

not say you brag la... I say BN brag.. haha.. they lost bigger majority...

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