Monday, August 25, 2008

Permatang Pauh: Roadblock goes up again for northbound vehicles...

Looks like those BN idiots are leaving no stone unturned again. It's too obvious that they are using every machinery available trying to turn this by-election to their advantage. Talking about having people exercising their rights... and there they go again setting up roadblocks for northbound vehicles. Routine roadblocks?? Naaah! Not when it's timed to such perfection and the unusual manner these roadblocks are being set up to create chaos for people heading towards the North-South Expressway.
If they think by doing so, they are going to break the spirits of the people heading back to Permatang Pauh to vote and to help paves Anwar's way towards Putrajaya, they are indeed foolish to undermine the peoples' determination.
Clearly, this is one war that BN cannot win despite all the monies they ploughed in and all those vicious loosely plotted fabrications that they have been churning out. Saifool's swearing on Quran versus the Iman's revelation.. Najib's swearing versus Thangarajoo's Statutory Declaration (why no respond from Najis), Pak Lah's oil reduction of 15sen versus the 78sen hike (should we be grateful), Hishamuddin sworn loyalty to BN with 20MPs versus the remaining 124 MPs on their side (for what purpose), Najib's challenge to Anwar to settle it the Islamic way versus their Kangaroo court of law (Najis don't trust the judiciary) and the list just goes on and on. All in a span of less than 2 weeks. Pretty amazing efficiency on their part. Truly, an Act of Desperation.
And it's also amazing how every desperate acts of theirs has been self destructive with explosive revelations coming from people within their circle. Further crack in Umno? Obvious, isn't it? Or they have an idiot for a mastermind.
Then came this Ezam claim of a death threat. Hello, you are totally irrelevant here. Only your political master created that 'make belief' that you are of some value. You are nothing but a barking dog to distract some attention away from Najib. You are too small to even get Anwar's attention. Did Anwar bother to counter you? Your claim is just another publicity stunt.

This type of lying politicking doesn't work with The People anymore. The People wants their future to be based on merits. What can Umno do to take this country forward? What can Umno do to bring all races together so that we can live, play and work together in peace and harmony and take this country forward? And the hurtful truth is.. Umno failed miserably to deliver while Pakatan Rakyat gave The People this light and The People shall continue to fuel this light for as long as it takes.
I believe in The People. I believe each and everyone of us has grown wiser. I believe the Permatang Pauh's folk will knock some sense into Umno... Reform or Get Out!!
Imagining our National Day slogan: One Legacy, One Destiny.... Copycat to the Olympic slogan. Pak Lah, please specify... What legacy? What destiny? The People's Legacy, Your doomed Destiny....


TheWhisperer said...


It has been confirmed that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has flown back to KL, indicating that UMNO has lost and that he no longer sees any purpose in remaining in Penang. A few more busloads of phantom voters have been stopped. With barely an hour left till the polling stations close, and the thousands still stuck in massive traffic jams at police road-blocks, it is feared that many will not be able to vote -- thereby denying Anwar the 15,000-17,000 majority.

TheWhisperer said...

Voter turn-out is very low, estimated about 60%. Many factories refuse to declare today a public holiday. They will, however, allow their workers time off for a couple of hours but the massive traffic jams due to the many police road blocks are deterring the voters from going to the polling stations.

PKR is mobilising cars and motorcycles and is knocking on the doors of the voters who are yet to come out to vote and is ferrying them to the polling stations. The rain is also a stumbling block, especially when many depend on motorcycles for transportation.