Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is This Real? Something that is circulating like wild fire through email...

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No comments here... This alone makes me speechless.


Tony said...

You've obviously never heard of this quaint little program called Photoshop? :)

My God! If you're going to stake your reputation on pictures like these, you'd better quickly claim it's an early April Fool's joke because otherwise your credibility will drop to negative when the big guns come and see this.

Malaysian Joe said...

Looks more realistic than the ones Tian Chua cheekily puts on the last time... but.. fine dining eating KFC? I still believe there is one picture out there somewhere. And thats the reason why C4 did not sue Tian Chua the last time fearing the real one will surface.

TheWhisperer said...


I know this one is doctored.. but not the whole pic.

The drift here is to remind that asshole in Permatang Pauh of this case so that he can stop insulting the intelligence of the people with his so-called privileges courtesy of BN to the CHinese and Indians.

As for you, Mr Tony, you are lucky indeed to get to retain this name and should be thankful to Najis for this f**king privilege.

Only God will knows what your name would be now If Najis decide to nationalize all names. Hartoni?

TheWhisperer said...


This post is only temporary. But obviously, there is a Real out there.

Brought this up for the by-election run up... just to shut that asshole up.