Friday, August 22, 2008

Pak Lah goes 'undercover'? come on MSM, you can do better than that...

Where is the wig? With all those bodyguards plus
the reporter and pix man tagging along?
More like for his own publicity with these
MSM ball bearers and polishers
propagandising his agenda.

Pak Lah, how about going on this disguise and
hop on a Metrobus to experience a joy ride
of your life. Then you can tell to the world
of your experience with Malaysia's
state of art public transport system.

1 comment:

Malaysian Joe said...

Typical Pak Lah. When all his jokers fail, he use this close to rakyat stunt to gain sympathy.

Undercover without his entire entourage.... but publisiti mesti ada.... see, after he talk, whoa.. Prasarana and KTM all "vow" to improve. Honestly... nothing will happen.