Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PKR has its hands full with it's grassroot....

"The support for Pakatan Rakyat can only grow. Rakyat dare to dream now. The rule under BN has become so rotten that every little step Pakatan Rakyat takes, it brings Big Hope to the rakyat. Start putting more effort in doing away with racial segregation and promote Bangsa Malaysia within the Pakatan. They are still many not adapting fast enough to do away with the racial and religious lines after decades of segregation and oppression under BN rule."

This was what i have posted on my blog through my observation after attending that Black Monday historical event way back in April. And see what happened over the past few weeks. One PKR Chinese MP was punched by a Malay member from within PKR party and yesterday we have this Chinese lady reporter allegedly being manhandled by a group of PKR members. Allegedly? Not with this picture out in the press. Picture don't lie!!

This cowardice act is definitely not acceptable to the People who came out in unity and threw their support behind the opposition during the 12th General Election. What difference is PKR to Umno if these acts were to allow to continue? Is this in line with Ketuanan Rakyat?
So to all stalwarts of PKR, do what you must to ensure that all your grassroots toe the line of your propagandas. Incidents like these will only cheapen your so-called call for a Bangsa Malaysia. It would be a grave mistake to take this lightly as they People will be watching all your moves, not to mention those Umno vultures waiting at the sideline to feast on your self inflicted deadly moves. The People want Actions, Not Lip Services!!
Pix courtesy from TheSun

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