Thursday, August 28, 2008

MCMC, Stay Out Of This...

What the hell is this? Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has decided to take action against our re-owned web news portal, Malaysia Today, by issuing a blockade order to all ISPs for some lame reasons. Read more..
Frankly, I find this hard to swallow. More so, with the lame excuse given by it's 'cheap' operation officer that the comments posted on the said web were insensitive, bordering on incitement.
Hello Mr Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi. what incitement are you talking about here? Can this incitement that you were referring to, be any worse than those incitements that your political masters had had preached during the recently concluded by-election?
This act is definitely politically motivated. After all, it came 12 hours after some assholes suggested that there is a need to curb bloggers. Yeah.. blame it on the bloggers and everyone else for your loss in Permatang Pauh and continue to ignore all your discrepancies.
Good thing is only the government owned TMnet have decided to react to this call while the rest of ISPs chose to ignore this illogical move. Even these ISPs shared the same view that the Commission has gone overboard with this blockade order. Shame on you!!
The People should Boycott TM services.


fergie said...

Lonewolf, I would very much like to boycott TM .. can you recommend an alternative quality service provider, please? I reside in Penang. Thanks.

Malaysian Joe said...

either way.. it goes back to their cronies.... but whisp & fergie, I do love it when the govt continue to trip over themselves time and again... its soooo farneee... but then again I cry for the tax $$ I pay that goes into the drain that flows directly into their damned pockets..

Khun Pana said...

Theres no such a thing as alternative ISP in Malaysia.
As all of them are related to umno and their cronies.
We must be proud of what RPK of Malaysia Today did till umno have to resort to blocking MT!
This means MT is a very successful site and was commanding more readers than NST and Utusan Meloya !
As RPK posted too many questions and no way the umno can answer! Except to keeps quiet and tries to shut down MT and tries to shut RPK with various sedition act.
But it is NOT working and it made MT more popular.
By today even the secondary student able to recognize who is Raja Petra .

Let the lame duck federal govt do whatever they wants. As Pete is not bothered by it.
As all the umno wanted to do now is how to pass the DNA bill and shuts down MT. And they are not successful in doing that>

TheWhisperer said...


Frankly, i don't know how good other ISP coverage is in Penang.

But for us in kl, we do have plenty choices and we are lucky enough to get free WIFI around.

Will call my friends up in Penang to find out more.

Khun Pana & KevinP,

Everything here seemed to be monopolised by Umno and cronies. Power plants and toll concessionaires etc etc. All created and taken up during that mamak era and they f**king claimed the malay share of equity is still below target.

Damn hypocrites!!

KhunPana, you are right about RPK. He is the most influential man in Malaysia today.He is the person that make the difference in Permatang Pauh.

The People have entrusted this responsiblity unto him... HE is now the Voice that represent The People.

Everybody is watching him and those who aspire to govern this country will be watching him closely as he is seen as a threat to them.

It's a mistake to clamp down on him. Might as well make this known to Anwar too, just in case he try to do the same.

The People Rules!!

fergie said...

Thank you Lonewolf .. we have free WIFI in Penang but I don't have a laptop and am using a macmini at home so i still need a streamyx connection. My son has a Powerbook but he takes it with him to work. Everything a monopolised by THEM so money flows direct to their pockets .. how to progress?

TheWhisperer said...

Fergie, looks like we can't escape no matter what we do. Stick on to your streamyx but do avoid other services offered by them eg. telekom land line or Celcom. Nothing special about them coz their customer services sucks!!

fergie said...

Oh dear .. don't i need a landline for streamyx? I am a DIGI user. I don't plug my phone into TM cos of crank calls so friends call my HP. I read u folks in KL have Packet One Wimax .. so lucky .. you get all the goodies before we do. Thanks again for your advice, Lonewolf.