Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freedom Break: Season 2 begins...

Yes, all the unfolding dramas in our political scene carries the same underlying storyline akin to the much sought after TV series, Prison Break. It's all about people in power trying to stay in power, abusing their power to plot, conspires and fabricates conspiracy after conspiracy against the innocent people to achieve their own selfish aims.

The only difference between Prison Break and our version is that the former fabricated conspiracies were done with high precision and sophistication while ours were loosely fabricated. But in terms of amount of fabrications, our Freedom Break series comes out top.

Freedom Break began the season with a bang... The People got together and inflicted a irreversible damage to the ruling party denying them a two-third majority. Then these people in power, trying hard to stay in power begin abusing their power to plot fabrications with the help of their machinery and their interpreted version of their draconian law against The People. Season One truly comes with thrilling conspiracies and is full of suspense till the end with The People triumphing in Permatang Pauh with a resounding majority.

So what's in store for Freedom Break: Season 2?

Well, the new season has just begun with Anwar taking the stage in Parliament as the new Opposition Leader. So stay tune for more thrillers that is going to unfold when the witch hunting begins...

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