Friday, August 1, 2008

What Constitutes a Good PM...

With the recent survey conducted by Merdeka Center showing that Pak Lah popularity has indeed gone down the drain due to the following reasons:
1) 58 per cent of the people said they were dissatisfied with Umno as a political party and felt it did not reflect the "aspirations and needs of the people in Malaysia"
2) The biggest concern is the economy with 59 per cent saying they were "worried over economic-related issues", followed by 10per cent citing concern over political matters.
3) They felt Barisan Nasional would be able to fulfill its election promises, 55 per cent said no. Some post-election moves like the disbursement of development funds to a federal body instead of directly channeling it to the Pakatan Rakyat state governments proved widely unpopular.
4) A majority of those polled – 66 per cent , believe that the allegations against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim are politically motivated to disrupt his political career. In fact, 55 per cent of them did not believe in the allegations. Of this, the strongest support for Anwar comes from the Chinese and Indians polled. The poll was carried out before Anwar's arrest and the surfacing of the Pas-Umno talks, confidence in the institutions that would handle the sodomy allegations against him is low with just 33 per cent polled saying they were confident the police, judiciary and Attorney-General would carry out their roles in a fair and independent manner.
Okay, let us try to be fair here. Why the drastic drop in Pak Lah's popularity? We need to give Pak Lah some credit for allowing a platform towards reforms: visibly judicial reforms, an independent Anti Corruption Agency and few more which can't be register at this moment on my freak-out mind. At least, he did try but his balls was held tight by those little napoleans within his own Umno party. That was why we get all those sabotages by these little napoleans doing just the opposite from what Pak Lah preached. We can conclude safely here that Pak Lah's popularity disintegrated mainly due to his inability to control his napoleans in the like od Nazri, Syed Hamid, Musa Hassan, Gani Pigtail... yeah, the whole damn lot walking the corridor of power.
In short, it is Umno and its Corrupt culture that is killing themselves. The inability of Umno to steer itself out of its terminal disease of being corrupt is the main factor. Another contributing factor would be its racist stance which is clearly a disadvantage given the current sentiment among the rakyat as a whole.
After saying all that, we shall now ask ourselves this: who can be a good PM for our country? And what will constitutes a good PM for our country and her rakyat? If we look for candidates from the present BN and PR circle, I would say it now boils down to only two person if we keep race and religion out of this. Anwar, for what he preach thus far.. for the country, for the rakyat and Lim Guan Eng, for his leadership by example with the Penang State government. Umno has overstayed and the rakyat has awakened to its destruction to this country.
Again, this is only my 2 cent view and i welcome open opinions here...
I don't want to leave out RPK for PM

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