Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Chinese ought to be grateful to retain our Chinese name...

"He told a 700-strong Chinese audience that the BN government has been fair to the community and allows them to retain their Chinese name - unlike the forced assimilation policies practised by neighbouring countries." Read more
Extracted from MalaysiaKini on 'Khairy: we've come to bury Anwar'
That was uttered by a 'Racist Pig' during one of his ceramah in Seberang Jaya last night. I don't know how you people take it. Since when this has become a privilege given by the BN government to the Chinese? We have heard this threat decades ago during many past elections. It has always being a tool used by MCA goons to instill such fear onto the Chinese community. It may have worked to a certain extent last time but this time around, it is going backfire straight into their face. Fuck you, Najib!!
And all the personal attacks launched by Khairy against Anwar is uncalled for. This is not what the Permatang Pauh folks want to listen to... In the first place, it is already a well known fact that the events leading to sodomy charge is sort of flimsy and this remains questionable. The folks are getting fed up with the staleness of this sodomt thingy. What the people want to know is how BN is going to take this country forward. Don't insult the people intelligence anymore with all your character assassination plot through fabrication.

So listen up, Khairy! Stop your oinking and jump back into your dress and start plying your trade around Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan P Ramlee junction.
You have just bury your FIL and Umno together with the whole bunch of BN goons singlehandedly. The Chinese and Indians votes is going to stay with Pakatan Rakyat. You can go ahead with your oinking using your dirty tricks to woo back your Malay support but, let me tell you this... The Malays has Awaken too... And they are the one who is going to put you right where you belong.. Hell!!
You Pigs!! How much lower can both of you stoop?


fergie said...

One day the DPM asks for Chinese and Indian support .. next day we get this kind of remark. They can all go to HELL as far as I'm concerned! Am I supposed to go on my knees and thank them for allowing me to retain my name? Is this what Oxford churns out?

Anonymous said...

Those bastards had forgotten their ancestors were from indonesia n borneo. All chinese, indians and malays were "imported" from overseas. Who the hell had given them the almighty rights to comment is such way.Just go to hell!!!

Malaysian Joe said...

BN has their own standards on what is racist and what is not. They have always told the non-Malays to be grateful. Time for that to be consigned to history... otherwise our country will be history.

TheWhisperer said...

Right on, Joe. That was way they are trying to distort history esp those which prove that there indeed earlier civilisations way before their fucking ancestor set their filthy feet on this land.

Remember the lost city discovered in Johor few years back? Why the sudden silence after the initial big hoo haa's? I believe it could be of a Hindu civilisation like The Angkor Wat or the temple which Thailand and Cambodia are at odds over the ownership. It could be as old as Borobudur found in Central Java or those existing hindu temples in Bali.I really don't see why Malaysia doesn't have one following the trail of these existing temples.

They can't afford to reveal it as it would undermined their claims over the sovereign of this land. They are just as Pendatangs as us.