Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Merdeka! If This Ain't Glaring Enough, I Wonder What Is...

There you go... Some demonstration happening during the eve of Independence Day.

Heads to roll and blood to shed was uttered by some bigots. But why the sudden inefficiency on the police part? Fasting month, I suppose, was their reason. Need police report to act against these uncivilized bastards according to one of them in rank.

All out of a sudden, our PM, Home Minister and IGP seemed to find it difficult to understand their own native language. That's why their inaction to deal with those idiots who demonstrated. Or was it part of their hatched-up plan to undermine the Selangor state government?

Whatever it is, Happy Fxxking Merdeka, Malaysia!!!

Dissolve Selangor State NOW!!!!


Well, read this breaking news, PM's promise: Target Selangor from Mkini. Just another confirmation by our PM on their involvement in issues that have been plaguing the Selangor state government so far. Beer ban and cow head issue. Pakatan Rakyat should not take this warning lightly..

Meanwhile, Kedah state government should watch their back closely. With the recent defection, they could be the one before Selangor state.

Dissolve Enbloc Now!! Lets Have Two State Election At One Go...

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