Friday, September 4, 2009

Yet Another By-Election On The Card...

Thought it is going to be another listless day at the office. It was until this piece of news came flashing on my google feed which obviously made my day.
Cruel or evil, it may seems but I wasn't alone having this stand. Many calls and texts have been flooding in since. Even my mum called and tease me. Many sounded positively please. One even finds it eerie at the rate the by-elections has been coming at us. I guess it's not safe to be a politician this time. So beware if you are one, you might be next!
The real beauty about this coming by-election is that this seat belongs to Umno. And if we take a look at the past records, it wont be an easy task to wrestle it away from them.
But then again, we just love the challenge. We have records in our favor while they have the rots since the 12 general election. We can only hope that further awareness has caught up onto the folks in this area. These folks has to wake up and move away from this mindset of giving the parliament seat to the opposition and leaving the state seat to Barisan Nasional.
This is definitely going to be an interesting by-election to follow given the composition of the races in this constituency and its locality.
The Whisperer remains confident on the maturity of the people to bring about the need for change. A Change towards a Better Malaysia. A Win could further fan this momentum for change.
Another tough job for the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers team. This time we need to change the mind of these rural chinese folks to accept a PAS candidate if PR decides to field a PAS candidate. Otherwise, I would prefer CheguBard as a candidate here..
Whatever it may be, we shall deliver when the time comes, As Always...

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jeffrey said...

this time BN/Umno will get a trashing at bagan pinang

let's see what kind of stupid dirty trick they have up in their sleeves
and they will use all their dogs to do their bidding (EC, polis raja m'sia etc)

their tactics are so predictable...