Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Aint Easy But What The Heck! Happy Birthday, Pete...

This Is Not Easy When We Cant Have The Good Old Days Of Walking Our Talk And Fighting The Good Fight Together. Many Months Have Passed Since. Memories Of Those Times Together Made It Difficult When It Is Time To Call For This Celebration Without Your Presence. This Fight Must Go On. So Must Your Party.

Happy Birthday
All The Best Wishes


Eric said...

Thanks to the Whisperer for the timely reminder.


We would not be here without you. I am looking forward to RPK's signing my copy of his book once BN has been drowned into the South China Sea for good.

Antares said...

A virtual toast to RPK! Cheers, everybody! Next year let's pray that RPK will turn 60 surrounded by friends & loved ones in the land we all cherish. Long life to heroes, short careers to the corrupt and cowardly!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bro RPK and may God bless you. Thank you for bravely fighting for rakyat msia.

Anonymous said...

I am partying with you on your birthday old boy,

May the Force be with you,

Shalom, Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

Tabik to Raja Petra; a hero of Malaysia.