Friday, September 25, 2009

Reaching Out: SABM To Touch The Heart Of The People...

“It is about us coming together, tearing down the walls and uniting regardless of race, religion and colour. We must oppose prejudice because there is no such thing in the constitution,” said lawyer and social activist Haris Ibrahim, one of founders of the initiative.
“We must stop race being used as a criteria for discrimination,” he said. Haris said the people behind the initiative felt the political system is not focused on fostering a national identity.
“For a long time, we have been made victims of the divide-and-rule concept,” he said.“And we, civil society, are not doing our part even when we are watching the systematic dismantling of the nation.
“This is a chance to do something productive. Don’t just sit in the kopitiam and curse and complain.” - Haris Ibrahim

“Exercising the right to vote enables you to choose. That is where the power lies."- Malik Imtiaz

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