Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tell Tale Sign Of An Imploding Umno Terengganu...

Terengganu MB Ahmad Said rejected an offer to make him a full minister at federal level in exchange for him to step down from his present position in order to resolve the state Umno internal rift as reported by MalaysianInsider today. Read More Here..
Well, it appeared that Ahmad Said is not that stupid to fall into their trap. Choosing between having the state oil royalty under his control and their offer of a more reputable position, any dumb fool would have chosen the former. A few hundred million at his disposal each year is reality. The promise of a full ministership at federal level doesn't guarantee him anything. Since all ministerial position has been taken, I guess the government would have to create a 'cold storage' ministry to accomodate him.
But that is not all..
Another report implicated that MB Ahmad Said spent a total of RM8.3 million on dates and zamzam water (what the hell is that) for distribution to the Terengganu folks. The purchase contract was apparently awarded to a crony company. Read More Here..
Now it gets more interesting.. Some negotiation follow by some pressuring. Sounds very Umno, isn't it? Whoever leaks out such information has to come from within.
And it's not going to end here. Do expect some explosive dirty witch hunting to continue here.
Ahmad Said was the Agong's choice over Idris Jusoh. Is Umno 'derhaka' enough to go against the King's choice? Can Umno afford another fuck-up this time after so many fuck-ups with the Bagan Pinang by-election coming up soon?
We Shall See...

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