Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Real Reason Behind The Petrol Price Hike...

As of today, a new graded petrol (RON95) priced at RM1.80 per liter will be introduce. RON92 will be phase out and our usual consumed fuel is hiked up by 25sen to RM2.05 per liter. Read more Here..
A creation of a sub-graded fuel is been used as a justification to hike up our usual consumed fuel by almost 14% to RM2.05 per liter.
It doesn't takes a rocket scientist to figure out these RON gradings to know what we will be getting. And I am sure many of us have accidentally fill up our car with RON92 in the past. Imagine how our car would gives out knocking sound when engaging a slight slope. I really wonder how this RON95 grade would affect our car performance. Is the slight difference going to be noticeable immediately and over a longer run? What about fuel efficiency?
Whatever it is, I believe many of us would end up reverting back to RON97 in the near future. Especially those with higher end cars.
Again, our government is fleecing the people with this move. Somehow or another, the people are paying more than we should. Another sign of the desperate situation that our country is in... Our economy is deteriorating and our government has the slightest idea on how to raise funds. Only option is to rob from the people through this fuel hike masterstroke.
Lets just hope that this ill gotten funds would be put to good use instead of financing their sick political ambitions or finance their corrupt appetite.

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Eyes Wide Open said...

no need higher end cars la. my 15 yr old proton wira is rated to run on RON97.

I accidentally put in RON92 once and my car suffered tremendous loss in performance. I filled up with RON95 and the engine knocking is obvious, especially in the morning. unless i step on it to give the engine a richer fuel mix - but this will increase fuel consumption.

Prolonged engine knocking also damages the engine. So long-term use of RON95 is also not advisable for cars with RONR97 fuel ratings.

(Read the very informative FAQ section of the BHP advertorial in the Sun today.)

Now if my 15 year old wira has to use RON97, what about all the newer cars on the road?

I won't be surprise that RON95 will quickly enjoy the same market acceptance of RON92 and the rakyat is again tricked/forced to pay exorbitant fuel prices.