Sunday, September 20, 2009

PKFZ Declassified: Cruel Reality, Lies, Deceit And Betrayal....

Malaysia's past and present leadership under the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional, was put to test when RPK brilliantly declassified PKFZ papers through a series of articles posted on his popular MalaysiaToday news portal.
The exposure of some documents classified under the Official Secret Act in relation to the PKFZ scandal has somehow confirmed the suspicion of the people over the involvement of the government behind the PKFZ malpractices that caused a big dent of RM 12.4 B to the public funds.
This exposure has also raised some questions regarding the need of such an Act, The Official Secret Act. Is PKFZ the only scandal? Or PKFZ is just the tip of an iceberg? Why is there a need to invoke OSA on the normal operation of the administration involving public funds?
Of course, unless there is an element of foul play involved that needs to be cover up or such an act is needed for them to fuck us up big time. Or both.
We do not know how many more cover ups that are hidden behind the OSA. PKFZ scandal seems to be the mother of all scandal for now. But lets not forget about those toll concessionaires lopsided contracts which are more far reaching as the people are burdened by it over a longer period.
Again, we have been fleeced by those who walks the corridors of power. Yet, they still remained in power. We, Malaysians, must be a bunch of forgetful or forgiving assholes. Make noise when the scandal appears. Forget when it become stale. We tend to tackle issue on an adhoc basis. Even if it is on adhoc basis, there have been many issues over the years to warrant for Change.
I don't know what is really wrong with our society and their mindset. It can be very discouraging at times especially to those fighters out there. Fighters like RPK or Haris Ibrahim and others who dedicate and sacrifice their time and comfort trying to save this country from the clutches of evil.
RPK have to go into exile. And it is not an easy thing to do. Many others have been harassed and intimidated.
These people are the Real Patriots.
I shall end my post here before I get overly emotional and start busting your ego by making some of you feel stupid.
Read RPK's PKFZ Declassified Here And Here..
If this doesn't wakes you up, go to Hell then...


Anonymous said...

Soon Bro, the change will come as it is part of the law of nature.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Malaysia is one messed up country. It looks good on the outside with its skyscrapers and 8 lane highways but beneath all that it stinks.

As a Malaysian, I am ashamed of my citizenship. I am ashamed of my fellow Malaysians who support the government that does not deserve it. Many have an attitude that only cares for their own lot. "As long as I can earn a decent living, carry out business, get rich, have a roof over my head, send my kids to uni, make money, that's all I care. Don't involve me in politics."

But the people with these sort of attitude do not realize that when the government is corrupt, they won't have the money for essential things like building hospitals, schools, good roads, supplying basic amenities, helping the poor etc. That's why when the world economy slumps, our government must burden us by raising the price of petrol (even though we are a nett exporter), they can't ensure job stability or defend the ringgit or prevent Malaysians from their losing jobs etc. Why? Because all the money is gone!

Vote BN out in GE 13!

Anonymous said...

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