Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey Dey, Why Don't You Both Juz Shut The Fuck Up!!

Imagine these hogwash coming from the illegal speaker and illegal menteri besar pertaining to yesterday's assembly sitting by the people's choice of Silver State government... What a load of bulls!!
Barisan Nasional appointed Perak state assembly speaker R Ganesan warned that action can be taken against ousted speaker V Sivakumar over the 'hotel assembly' yesterday.
In a phone interview with Malaysiakini, Ganesan said that Sivakumar acted in contempt against the state assembly (menghina dewan) and had committed treason against the Sultan. (Source from MKini)
With Zambry adding in saying Now The People Can See Who They Really Are..
You are damn bloody right, moron! We, The People, can see very well Who They Are and also What You Morons Are.. We are no fools to take your blatant spinning anymore. We remembered every clip of that takeover episode that very day. It's posted all over the blogs when our lowly MSM refused to reveal the truth.
They Were The People's Choice And They Still Are!!
And this one coming from our patched face DPM..
The deputy prime minister lashed out today at Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers for convening a state assembly sitting at the Heritage Hotel in Ipoh, after they were forcibly stopped from entering the Perak state secretariat building yesterday.
Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the PR assemblymen had no respect for the courts and that such a move was against the constitution. Read More Here..
What Constitution, may I ask? Don't preach constitution to us when you morons are not even constitutional! It was all lawbreaking and unconstitutional right from the beginning. Again, don't bring in the royalty here. As if not enough damage have been done
Fucking idiots!!
Why Can't They Just Shut The Fuck Up?

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matstimketum said...

spot on, brudder! these two deys are morons.