Monday, September 7, 2009

Salam And Salute, Encik Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

The ugly cow head episode has indeed turned uglier than it should with many thanks to our ruling politicians. This is also beyond my sane mind that they are willing to go to the extent of creating disharmony among the people just to stay in power.
It sent chills to my spine to see how this ugly scene started with a cow head march and further fueled by a moronic protest during a dialogue session with the affected residents. All these ugly scenes created merely because of a relocation of a 150 year old temple? What happen to mutual respect?
With mutual respect, there is no need for tolerance. And why should we tolerate one another in the first place? Or in our case it's a one way tolerance. Unless we have someone somewhere stirring shit for some selfish reason.
Above all those recent ugly scenes, it is heartening to read many positive commentaries in response to the cowhead episode from all walks. It shows that many of us have grown matured in mind and have progressed beyond the threshold of lies and a racial divide. A sign most welcome in hours of dire straits. A sign that brings hope to the people that if we stay united, peace shall prevails against all evil.
I would reproduce a letter to MalaysiaKini, written by Encik Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi. It is a welcome read after been bombarded with some atrocities over the past week.
To My Misguided Brethren
I would like to comment on the town hall meeting between the chief minister of Selangor and the so-called residents of section 23, Shah Alam. Although I was not present at that meeting, from the various reports, it seems to me that some self-interested Malays in this country are not interested in the 1Malaysia concept as well as ignorant of the teachings of Islam.
I'm writing as a Malay and as a Muslim to appeal for calm and tolerance to my brethren citizens of the non-Muslim faith and to explain to them the real teachings of Islam.
Where should we go from here? Are these residents' reactions actually from the residents or are they instigated? In my readings of the May 13 incident from various independent sources, there was a strong suggestion that our country's leadership 'allowed' or even strategised the march by the two races in the 'hope' that this would lead to an emergency situation or would oust the then embattled Tunku.
This is of course just an academic suggestion but my God what if it was true? Politicians instigating racial riots? How can we allow such things and how can we raise our children safely with these kinds of mindsets and modus operandi? The rakyat must stand together and not allow this to happen.
Vote any extremist party against racial tolerance out of office. The rakyat must educate themselves about each other's religious practices and forge a common understanding that love of all mankind is the root of all religions.
The way to Allah or Heaven is in the ukhwah or brotherhood of mankind and not only from one small religious group. We can no longer hope that our education system will teach these sacred principles but only ourselves. Neither Najib nor Anwar seems to be on the verge of setting up any institution to forge racial tolerance and mutual understanding.
I have seen and heard many Islamic religious scholars of the ethnic group called 'Malay' spout the ideas that non-Muslims are destined to hell and that means all of them without exception. After much reading, it taught me that Allah would allow you to enter heaven only by his grace.
All your deeds in this world, however righteous that may seem to you, would never be enough to outweigh God's grace. So who is to say whom God will choose to heaven?
In the holy month of Ramadan, Islam teaches that fasting is necessary to curb and control the self by denying not only food or sexual desires but most importantly to deny anger, bigotry, hatred, jealousy and many other negative traits.
The Shah Alam meeting was in the month of Ramadan and such sneering, name calling and rowdiness speak of total ignorance by these Malays who probably put race and political affiliation over and above the teachings of Islam.
When the Prophet was tortured by the Taif people and Gabriel came with a host from heaven ready to destroy the township at the bidding of the Prophet, he cried ; "No! I was brought as a mercy to mankind! It could be my weakness that the Taif people do not understand Islam! Let them be for if they would not come to the fold perhaps their offspring would. Let them be!" Such tolerance and humility! Where was that in Shah Alam?
The so claimed Malay 'Residents of Section 23' were acting in contradiction to the teachings of our forefathers in Malaysia and their behaviour was bereft of any values of Islam. They were rude. They were threatening. They were not ready to listen.
They were not willing to compromise or to discuss. They did not give due respect to a leader who came to explain and discuss. They wanted what they wanted and all else be damned. Where do we go from here, I wonder?
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