Sunday, September 6, 2009

It Was Politically Motivated Right From The Beginning...

Watch What Happened During The Dialogue

Clearly, some of them are the same as those from the cow head demonstration. And their intention is to disrupt this dialogue and prevent other residents from voicing their views. These goons created a commotion right from the beginning. Otherwise, why should they behave with such disgrace when this is an open dialogue. Even their status as resident of section 23 is doubtful.
If this is not politically motivated, I wonder what else is..
Pakatan Rakyat Selangor is now in a fix. To give in to this unruly mobs would be jeopardizing their credibility as one effective government.To go against them would gives Umno opportunity to blow this issue into a race and religion related issue.
Where were the cops, anyway?

Same Day: Different Location; Different Time

A small group of civil society were stopped and arrested from holding a peaceful candlelight vigil in protest to the disgraceful cowhead incident which have rocked the whole world and put our country in some sort of limelight for the wrong reason.

The police force were of no help either. They were there as early as 6:00pm to cordon off the vigil venue and roadblocks were set up at entry points to stop vigiliers from making their voice heard.

We were there early to monitor the situation and our presence seemed to pose some kind of intimidation to the police force. Our favorite chinese cop decided to play some kind of game with us. With a blew of his whistle, a bunch of obedient dogs came and surrounded us. Their intention was to intimidate us into fear. They just came close to us showing their expression-less face as if we would surrender ourselves to their fangless face.

The Opera Cop And His Trained Dogs

Well, we held our grounds. Our pictures were taken and video-cammed. We just hang around enjoying some historical landmarks that still stands from the colonial times. It was at around 8:00pm before we saw some activities at the Jalan Tar and Jalan Tun Perak junction from where we stood under the overpriced giant national Jalur Gemilang. By the time we walked across the field towards the place of action, it was all over. 14 were arrested without warning issued. Another 2 ladies were later arrested for refusing to disperse at the Masjid Jamek area. It was well over then.

See for yourself and spot the difference between these two videos. Why the double standard? Who were the aggressor in these two videos?

Roses And Candles Instead Of Cow Head

This is 1Malaysia, alright... 1Malaysia for the minority few that walk the corridors of power with their brainless obedient dogs blatantly running their dirty errands through their selective intimidation and misinterpretation of their version of jungle laws.

1Malaysia Boleh!! Ptuiiiiii!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I bet my last dollar that Killed Toyol bugger and Amno crooks and thieves are behind the barbarians .

Anonymous said...

Watch video again at mins 5:35 to 5:50 after the Indian guy speaks.
See what the long haired slime does?