Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Live! Live! Live From Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia...

2:20pm The Next Day..
Sorry Folks! I apologise for the sub-standard live reporting last night. No excuse to be offer here. Just going to download some pics taken for the record. One euphorical historic moment to commemorate the 2009 Malaysia Day. The day of The Birth of Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Spirit on record.
Photos is made available Here...
That's all for now. We ll be on our way to Port Dickson to witness the launching of PR election machinery.

7:19pm Launch officially ends, Making way for our muslim brothers and sisters for their prayers before buka puasa. People mingling around freely without reservation.

7:10pm Q&A session in progress.

7:03pm Anak Bangsa Malaysia website officially launched.

6:44pm Cant stop my tears from flowing down listening to the speech. A long journey and now, it's reality. Another long battle ahead of us. More crowd coming in. Many standing in the rain with umbrellas.

6:40pm A very touching speech is in progress. Check Anak Bangsa Malaysia website for context at a later date.

6:30pm Negara Ku was sang to start off the event. It was done in full spirit. Can see many tears among the Anak Anak Bangsa Malaysia. I shed my tears... Overwhelmed by this cause. Haris is giving his speech now. More tears shed among the crowd now.

6;27pm Starting in 3 mins time under a slight drizzle. Good mix of crowd here numbering slightly above 120.

5:55pm We have just been blessed with rain.. Hujan Rahmat Hujan Kramat..
5:32pm Carnival atmosphere all around the Rumah. Everybody in upbeat mood. Obviously looking forward to this launch. Free spirits prevail.

Racism Ceased Here

5:10pm Last minute briefing for all volunteers after a hectic last minute preparation. Guest started pouring in since 4:00 pm. A slight drizzle at this moment with heavy overhead clouds threatening to crash down on us. We seemed to have a slight problem uploading pics. So bear with me for awhile.


Peter said...

Unable to be there, but following your live report eagerly now , please update as frequently as possible.

Thank You.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Yang, For me, it was like a "balik kampong" feeling.

Seeing so many familiar faces.

Hearing Haris say what we know in our hearts.

Being a witness to the birth of SABM.

It's truly heartwarming to see how much people care about Malaysia.


TheWhisperer said...

Sorry, Peter.

The official launch lasted for about an hour plus. After that, It was all people meeting people session.

Food was served and despite the lack of space, the people adjusting and adapting themselves freely. Some were sitting and eating on the staircase. There was no sign of dissatisfaction on their face.

That was the spirit at the Rumah last night. We all just blend together..

Father OC Lim made his appearance. He is well now. Malik Imtiaz came with full of support. Datuk Ambiga dropped by for the Spirit.

They are the old timers. Guessed they must have been missing this beautiful feeling for quite some time now.

Well, you missed the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia song. With the rock music backdrop, I should say that this song turn out to be a Plea or Cry Against Racism!

Hope it will be made available soon.

Will someone put that video clip up on youtube?!!