Thursday, May 8, 2008

bloggers not immune to law...

Who is trying to be above the law? We bloggers never try to be above the law nor did we ask for immunity in any form. What is more seditious than shouting racist remarks while wielding the keris high up in the air? What is more seditious than indiscriminately demolish temples of other faith till people have to take to the street to voice the rights?

And here we have a blogger being charged with sedition by merely posting an article from pieces of statements from the proceedings of the trial and call for the murderers to be send to HELL. For your information, that call was shared by more than 99.95% of the rakyat. All murderers should be send to HELL regardless of who the F**K they are!

I am truly disgusted with the attitude of this administration.

The difference between we bloggers and the administration boils down clearly to one important factor. We bloggers do things with conscience and our conscience is clear while they have none.

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