Friday, May 9, 2008

there's a new trend in malaysia's politics...

There is a new trend catching up pretty fast in Malaysia's political arena. The first rush has just started and a craze may soon follow suit. Sedition is the in-trend now.

Police reports have been made against Karpal Singh claiming Karpal's comment on Sultan of Perak order on the reappointment of Datuk Jamry Sury, were seditious in nature and were an insult to the Ruler of the State. Yet they have forgotten the fact how their fellow members took the streets with the 'natang' banners in protest to the Sultan of Trengganu's choice of Menteri Besar.

Now what does all these tells us and how are they going to explain the double standards in handling the 2 similar matters? It seems to me that it is really up to them to decide whether to twist facts into issues and politicise it as seditious at their whims and fancies. Perhaps, it is the only way to shut us all up.

Now its my turn to get sick over their behaviours.. How these people get to be chosen to run our country in the first place is really beyond me... Only can blame ourselves.

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