Monday, May 19, 2008

enough is enough... just fuck off mahathir!!

Mahathir quit Umno.. What's the big fucking deal about him? Why does everybody still bother to pay so much attention to him? This is a guy who loves to get attention in any way he could. Just go back to his early days and see clearly for yourself whether you can list down anything good about him? I bet you it is easier to list down his negative behaviours. He who lies, who cheats, who destroys, who corrupts, who shit stirs, who oppresses, who betrays and the list just goes on and on...

It is indeed sad to notice that many Malaysians still worship him as if he have had done us good. How f**cking shortsighted we Malaysians can be! All his so-called developments have been destructive to the country and the rakyat. And it takes the 1997 financial crisis to uncover all his misdeeds.

And we are still paying very dearly for his malpractices.

Still blind? Or choose to be ignorant? I definitely have had enough of him..


HopefulPessimist said...

I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

Mahakeling, spit out every sen you stole from the poor Malays for the last 30 years, else the poor hungry Malay kampong folks will replace the kampong chicken with you!