Monday, May 5, 2008

PR solution for fuel price 'simplistic' ...

'Simplistic' for pea brain like Khairy and Shahrir together with their brainless umnoputras to undertsand. Perhaps they should enlighten us on how our government revenues in form of taxes and petrodollar was spent for the past decades. Still the general rakyat have to be burdened by tolls, other forms of added taxes and soon for the so called unhalal halal charges..

If only the umnoputras can stop all the corruption behind all the mega projects and NEP, everything is possible. NEP brings about inflated prices for goods and machineries that our government has been paying for the past 3 decades. This has been the BN's way of channelling revenues to line their own pockets.

So you cowards, stop mislead and insult the rakyat as the rakyat has matured beyond your lies. You may succeed in tricking a few but i can assure you that it wont be long when all the rakyat will come screaming for your throat.

If you cant do the job, why not step aside and let others take over? It doesnt need an expert to do a simple job like this. Even a moron can run this government better. So where does this place you guys? Just beyond words... That's how bad you all have put yourself into.

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