Monday, May 5, 2008

of balkis, pbt and desperate housewives..

Credibility? Integrity? What credibility and integrity are we talking about here? The manner and timing of which Balkis and PBT were dissolved with its funds been transferred out is malicious (an act out of bad faith) in nature. And these actions, without doubt, will place integrity and credibility in the realm of suspicion.

First, those desperate housewives have to re-examine the roles and functions of their respective organization as defined in the Memorandum of Association when it was registered. And then they have to access their roles and duties in running the organization to see whether they have performed well within the context of the article.

I would also encourage those desperate housewives to allow transparency by opening up the minutes and accounts for an independent audit. This will lead to accountability in the running of the organization and the restoration of their integrity and credibility.

The call for a public debate is unnecessary as it is politically driven. Any call that is political driven is deem to be a call out of bad faith. Be it for publicity or otherwise.

Just open up the books within 24 hours and send an invitation for an independent audit. If not, take the case to court of law but make sure you clean up your dirty linens first. Perhaps, the state government should initiate the move to have your minutes and accounts examine for abuse of funds and positions, whichever way you prefer...

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