Wednesday, May 14, 2008

our public service department needs total revamp...

Just recently, our MSM carried a report by PSD saying that all SPM candidates with 9 A1s will automatically be qualified for PSD's scholarship and today, we have a candidate with 10 A1s being denied a medical scholarship. This came to me as no surprise as two of my daughters were denied scholarships despite of their 11 As few years back.

What really irks me was their Malay friends with poorer results were given scholarships to further their studies in England and Australia. And most of them were chauffeured driven to school in different high end cars daily. What does all this episode tells my children? How am i going to explain to them? Very well, i chose to tell them the truth about the reality of this stinking, useless biased government's agenda.

This is another stinking case of talk that doesnt walk. They continue to use the media to hoodwink the rakyat while they continue with their Malay supremacy agenda thinking that they can hide their wrongdoings from all of us.

What appeared in today's newspaper could just be the tip of an iceberg. For those who was deny scholarship, please report yourself to the nearest Pakatan Rakyat's service centre so that they can have an account of what is happening behind the scene all along. After today, i wont be surprise to read similar news and this time will be MCA's turn to stake their claim in helping the chinese community.

If everything is done in a proper manner, we wont have the need of politicians to politicise this issue. This is a very serious matter which have been with us for decades.

Suppression of this manner is definitely damaging to the country. How can our country progress further when we have losers running this country?

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bruce said...

The same shit happens every year.Non malay students are treated like beggars by this stinking umno dominated govt when they apply for scholarships and metriculation places. If this is not racism I don't know what is. Many young dreams have been shattered and much talent lost. It's a bloody shame hiding behind NEP to deny non-malay students oppurtunities in higher education.