Thursday, May 15, 2008

najib explains scorpene and sukhoi purchases..

Here is some excerpts from Najib's clarification to the parliament over the purchases of Scorpene submarines and Sukhoi fighter jets denying the payment of commission directly and indirectly.

"Reiterating a statement that he had made earlier over the issue, Najib denied any payment was made to IMT Defence over the Sukhoi jets deal, adding that the company is the sole representative of Russian company Rosoboronexport in Malaysia with which the Defence Ministry negotiated directly to secure the deal.

Najib also reiterated that the payment to Perimaker was not a commission but payment for being the ‘project services provider’ and coordinator for a period of six months.

The government "did not and has never paid any commission - either directly or indirectly" to Perimaker - which he said is owned by the Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT), Boustead Holdings Bhd and KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd."

Let's leave Altanthuya aside and focus on his explanation. In the first place, why are we paying so much more for the Scorpene submarines and Sukhoi jets of the same specifications as compared to other countries. And where on earth would somebody want to be the sole representative for Sukhoi jets? You think sell cars meh. Either they are out of their freaking mind or everything was premeditated. And lastly, why the need to pay 530 taxpayer millions as services provider and negotiator fee to Perimaker? Just another decent word for malpractice. I can do it for 53 million and donate half to charities. Purchases of such magnitude at exorbitant prices.. no amount of explanation can justifies the scandals behind these purchases.

In future, if there is such good opportunity, dont forget to count me in. I am willing to do it for a 1.5% fee of the actual purchase amount. No need to mark up till it make our country a laughing stock to the world.

We, the rakyat must be nerds in the eyes of Najib for this type of lame explanations.

F**k YOU!!


HopefulPessimist said...

Yeah, he thinks we are all stupid.. we would just accept his lies and believe his lame explanations. I wonder why no one is actually questionning him on that. Where are our auditors?

TheWhisperer said...

auditors? can they be trusted? never mind them.. i ll share with you from my commission.

bruce said...

I read somewhere that India and Vietnam bought the same Sukhoi jets but much paid lower prices for them. But of coz Malaysia's deal came with the space tourist package. It's a 'special' deal with the Russians anyway you look at it

TheWhisperer said...

thanks bruce for your info.. so it comes with space tourist package. for the extra amount, we can build our own rocket and fly to the SUN. Semi Value will teach them how.. All they need to do is to mislead the rakyat through their MSM.. plenty of their fools would believe them 110% and feel proud too. makahai!!