Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a tale of two stories...

The story
I remembered when our family first shifted to a new residential estate back in 1975. The residential estate was surrounded by kampungs. I remembered growing up playing football, building tree house and modifying my bicycle with Malay boys from the neighboring kampungs. Of course there were fights and arguments between us but it would fizzle off within hours as the basic rule of who is right or wrong was strictly upheld those days.

I was 15 years old then and at that growing age, my stomach was perpetually craving for food. After school, i would patronized this goreng pisang stall to satisfy my urge. This stall was run by a makcik and pakcik would helped out after his work as a security guard at the government complex in Jalan Duta. This went on for years till one fine day, the local municipal people came and tore down their stall. By then, their toddlers have grown up and pakcik and makcik decided to retire to care for their newborn grandchild.

And last Sunday while i was walking towards my car and there was pakcik in his motorcycle speeding towards me. We exchanged greetings, update each other on family members and talked about yesteryear.. yes yesteryear.. a bond that both our families shared till today despite of our racial difference. It was a happy encounter which was clearly shown on our faces and the warmth that radiates through us when we talked with hands over each other shoulders was overwhelming. I knew this spirit will lives on between pakcik and me.


Another story
Let me fast froward to 1987, the year Suzanne was born. I remembered having to send my wife to Gombak for her post natal traditional massage. Nek was an ex-nurse and Tok, well into his 80s, was a retired soldier. Tok and i would talked about everything over tea and some cakes while we waited for Nek to complete her tedious application of traditional post natal care.

Well, i am not going to bore you with details of our conversation. On the final course and before i leave, i remembered Tok uttered this phrase ' nampak ular biar lepas, nampak mamak pukui sampai mati' which i never stop to ask what he actually meant by that.

Over the years and the nature of my business requires me to meet people from all walks of lives. i have finally understood the true meaning of that phrase. My encounters with them as friends and as business associates would eventually ended in one conclusion - they betrayed my sincerity and my trust. They Betray!!

Thank you, Tok for your words of wisdom and i know who you were referring to now.

The Tale

Malays are generally nice and simple people during my time. It is quite disheartening to see how the present days Malays are being manipulated into believing their supremacy over other races, by merely continuing to shout aloud ' Ketuanan Melayu' without really looking deeply into the origin and motives behind this call. Perhaps it is because of their simplicity that makes them an easy target to manipulation by a cunning, unscrupulous mamak in the like of Mahathir.

Mahathir saw and understood the Malays. Simple and laid back. And Malays being the majority, he knew if he can manipulate the Malays he could get into power. He plotted and shit stirred his way into power. Once in power, he started to segregate the Malays from other races by propagandising the NEP and Malay supremacy agenda so that Malays wont be influence by other races and that helped to hide his evil intention. He lowered the standard of our education system and turned schools into brainwashing centre. This act alone is like killing two birds with one stone. It is to stunt the brain growth of the next generation to come while making Malays into believing that they have improved in status. Smart Malays would be suppressed while brainless ones with polishing skills will be brought forward to progress further in his administration....

What he did behind the scene after that is needless for me to explain as it has become public knowledge. The people he left behind when he quit are only skillful in corruption and polishing. They don't have the slightest idea of how to run this administration. Let alone change. Draconian laws are retained to protect themselves when they are cornered. So beware!!


HopefulPessimist said...

I agree.

If there is one thing I want to change about my fellow Malays, is their mentality.

Because of that laid back attitude, the 'tak kisah la' and 'tak apa la' attitude, they have been conned by an opportunist like Mahathir who showered them with empty promises and provided them with comfort zones and further lured them into being laid back and thinking that they have more than enough on their plates.

Those years of being under Mahathirism has made them racist, blindly hating other races, other religions and you are right, they shout out 'malay supremacy' without actually knowing the real meaning behind it.

TheWhisperer said...

hopefulPessimist for prime ministership.. to teach and change the malays to become useful and dignify..

you have my vote.