Monday, May 26, 2008

high stakes that could jeopardize Malaysia...

"Dr Mahathir Mohamad has warned of possible unrest in multi-racial Malaysia, accusing his successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, of failing to assert his authority.

Now we are seeing the different races making demands on the government, which they perceive as a weak government," the former premier told reporters in Tokyo yesterday.

He said "extremists" among different communities had begun to voice their opposition and make unfair demands on the government, trying to "divide rather than unite." - Report from MalaysiaKini
Just when i thought i could take a weekend off politics and there he went again maliciously stirring racial shits like an old dog being cornered trying to bite back. But then for him to make statement like that at every opportunity whenever media is present, i feel i have a responsibility to state my view on his actions and hope that what i post here will somehow help the general public to see from another angle.

One most important thing we have to bear in mind is that whatever this old fool does, it is always done with evil intention.

So what is he up to this time? First, we have to analyse what is at stake for him. One thing that comes to mind is the Lingam's tape controversies. The call by Royal Commission to open up this case for investigation may unveil many other cans of worms which involved his comrades in arm during his tenure. A stake too high at risk for him and his cronies?

Then we looked back to recent events that lead to his malicious speech in Tokyo. In the beginning, there was this meeting with Najib followed by he quitting Umno when Najib was holidaying in Middle East with taxpayers' money on the pretense of attending a conference.
What a coincidence for a smooth turn of events giving rise to this question: was there a pact between Mahathir and Najib? Probably so, given that both of them are covered with poohs of almost similar nature. Another high stake at risk?

Now we narrow down to Mahathir's warning of possible unrest. Was it intended as a threat to Pak Lah's administration or was he actually trying to create one?

One thing for sure is that he is plotting something to divert attention away from his wrongdoings. It is definitely not about the country, Umno or even the Malay supremacy agenda that he is concerned with. We are dealing with a psycho who has a history of bringing destruction to others in his quest for self gratifications. An unrest would be ideal to bring out an emergency rule which will benefit him and a few.

Whatever it is, i urge all rakyat regardless of parties or races, to stay on guard and maintain a mature mentality towards peace and one Malaysian for the betterment of our country. Don't let ourselves be fooled again by this lowest form human.

And to Pak Lah, Nazri and fourth floor boys, are you all blind or just simply don't have the balls? This is sedition of highest degree.. How about charging him under Sedition Act, greased his ass and present him in a crouching position on a platter and send him to Kamunting? I already guessed so.


bruce said...

was toon dr.m referring to himself when he talked about extremists? don't forget he was an ultra melay
during TUNKU'S time, a gutless shit-stirer who went into hiding when Tunku wanted to arrest him. he just want to create another may 13 so that najib will take over just like razak took over from Tunku. what is his problem with a malaysian malaysia? u are a despicable old man dr m

TheWhisperer said...

bro bruce,

i can go on and on writing a book about him. but no point for me to waste my energy on this loose guy. might as well channel my energy to more positive cause.

anyway, its not an easy task to write posts for blog. a tiring process esp when it starts to stir our emotion. but i know i am trying hard.

more to come..