Tuesday, May 13, 2008

united voice.. a force to reckon with...

I read the article, ' Malaysian- Are you ready for a civil war or a revolution! by R.Shan posted in Malaysia-Today, with great interest. That word 'revolution' was actually brought up by a foreign investment guy during one of our meet-up sessions and the whole conversation that night was focused on the sorry state our country was in then. That was almost 10 years ago. Till today it is still as sorry.

Malaysia, according to him, is doomed and can only be save by a revolution. What? A revolution? Yes, a revolution, as he continues, would help demolished this rotten system of governance which only brings about corruption and unfair practises only to benefit few. Malaysia needs a total revamp in its system.. and the only way is through a revolution. That was the view of a foreigner but to us Malaysians in general, we never even think all these would be possible after going through decades of racial segregation and draconian laws which they have no hesitation to enforce at their whims and fancies just to protect their positions so that they can continue to mislead and deceive the rakyat while they continue to fleece the rakyat and raped our country's rich natural resources.

The concluded 12th general election signifies the dawn of a new revolutionary era in Malaysia's history where majority of the rakyat shed their racial differences and unite in one voice calling for a change for the betterment of the country. It never occur to me that all these would be possible especially when it is done in such a peaceful and civilised manner. My idea of a revolution was more of a violent nature.

Credit must be given to bloggers like Raja Petra, Haris Ibrahim, Jeff Ooi and many others for generating the truth that speaks many minds and many others who help to spread these messages through emails. This is the first time in history Malaysians have come together in Unity to fight for the same cause.. and this Unity is here to stay.

To those who run this country, better buck up and start revamping the whole hypocritic system. You cant defy this united voice. And for those who has the aspiration to run this country, better start taking notes.

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