Tuesday, May 13, 2008

what my life’s journey has taught me thus far….

I believe in God and I believe all humans are being blessed with God’s gifts… a set of eyes to see, ears to listen, nose to smell, limbs to feel and a brain to analyze. And it’s through God’s gifts; we are able to live a life through experience and learned from what we experienced to be able to seek the reason and the purpose of our existence in this complicated world.

My journey in life has taught me one thing that this world is full of hypocrites where these hypocrites have used religion as a means to their ends. And it is due to human greed for power and through God’s gifts to me that had made me being disillusioned with religion.

And it is also through God’s gifts that I am not ready to be taken in by propaganda as professed by certain religion as being The Right Way or The Only Truth. I do believe all religions preach only the good but my experiences taught me not to place my trust or faith on those hypocrites hiding behind the wall of religion.

Yes indeed, I have chosen to take this path and took the risk of facing the wrath of God but I do have trust and faith in God that God has the fairness in judging based on what is right or wrong and not based on which religion we chose to believe in.

And I know by posting this article on my blog, I will be subjected to condemnation by many quarters. But before any of you do so, please search thyself before you pass any judgement on the path I have chosen. It is my right and it is between me and God and I shall solely be answerable to God myself.

One thing for sure, I know I will be rotting in hell for my sins and I know no amount of repentance or good deeds thereafter is going to change the very fact that we have sinned. So stop lying to yourself by trying to do charities or good deeds to wash away your sins and buy your way to heaven. With all due respect, it does not work that way as far as I am concerned.

For all you know, this is Hell and the moment once Life stopped, it’s Heaven. Try to recall the look of someone we knew who suffered through pain just before they passed away and their look after they passed away. Now you know why I made the above statement.

That is part of what I have learned from my journey thus far.. My journey also taught me to live life the best way possible and to hold high respect towards my creator which refer to my parents and their creators, meaning my grandparents.

Meanwhile, i am going to live life the way i deem fit..

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Michelle said...


Came to read this after being prompted by your reply on my comment.

I find this a good piece. I guess we're all learning from life, huh?

In a way, I think I'm learning what you have written on, in that I'm learning about how to live life the way I see fit, and telling myself that at the end of the day, I am answerable to myself and the Great One.

Not in a religious way though. It's slightly more spiritual for me, but then hey, not much of a difference there.

As for your piece of advice about not being swayed, no worries, I'm trying to do what it is that feels right for me.

That said, I try to stay open to different viewpoints. There are some that are just blatantly over-the-top and don't seem to have any substance, so I refrain from commenting on them, and just keep their views at arm's length.

Your views are important to me, as with a lot of others who comment here and at other blogs. They're all helping me grow.

Will take your advice to heart.