Monday, May 12, 2008

happy birthday... suzanne

How time really flies.. It was like yesterday when i first received you to this world and tasted my first joy of fatherhood. No words can describe the special feeling that engulfed me the first moment i saw you popped into this bright colorful world.

I remembered all the joy you brought with your first smile, your first step and how everyone tried to make you speak your first word.. i was disappointed though that your first word was not papa or daddy despite all my efforts to bribe you..

And today, Di wants to explain Di's stance in adopting an observer role in raising Samantha and you. You see Di always maintain the belief that all human are born with a brain and all the senses that they are require to utilise and learn through the process of living through lives. This is where i gave you both the freedom to think and decide while i stay behind the scene observing each and every path you take and only to barge in when things aren't going right.

I hope this will help clarify and explains the nature of our father and daughter relationship. My lacking of guidance should not be interpreted as lacking in attention or love. My love for you both will never cease to grow.. for you both are my life, my heart and my soul.
It is really hard to believe that you are 21 today. From daddy's girl to a beautiful lady in a nick of time.
Happy 21st Birthday, Suzanne...
With Love,

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