Friday, May 16, 2008

when the government is weak, people don't respect you anymore..

This is what Mahathir said and his version of respect. Lets not forget the fact that the present government is continuing to rule exactly the way he have been ruling for the past 2 decades. Perhaps, he himself felt that he had garnered unanimous respect during his tyranny rule. He must be fucking joking. The only difference between the present rule and his rule boils down to the level of oppressive rule.

During his time, ISA and OSA was used indiscriminately to cover all his wrongdoings and that of his related cronies. Our judicial system was not even spared. So what is so weak about the present government when all they do is to try to straighten some of your flawed system of injustice, inequalities, oppression, misleading lies etc etc. I cant really include corruption here as they are still practising to the fullest.

It is not a easy task for anyone to cure the disease that you have brought to this country. And i don't see any chance of curing this disease by the present government as they themselves are contaminated.

The strength of a government is simply determine by its policies. All these policies need to have a high standard of ethics, must be just and most importantly, it must be caring in nature. Only if the government can implement such policies without prejudice, respect will come naturally. Respect need to be earned. There is no 2 way about it.

Ask yourself and your own conscience (if you have one) what have you done to earn my respect? I have no respect for you at all. For what you have done to this country. And for choosing to lead the lowest form of human life.
Why don't you just spend your remaining years correcting your wrongs before you go to HELL?

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TheWhisperer said...

Update from MalaysiaKini:

Commission advised to act on mahathir and 5 others linked to korek korek korek case.

Lets wait for the verdict to celebrate.