Monday, May 12, 2008

how shallow one's mind can be...

During the weekend, i came across a letter to The Star which made me shake my head in disgust. From this letter alone, we can see clearly for ourselves the kind of byproduct that have been produced during Mahathir's era.

Let me reproduce and share this letter for all of you to judge and comment...
"Reading Huzir Sulaiman's on the former prime minister (Mahathir vs the Malay Rulers, Wide Angle, StarMag May 4) made me sick.

Whatever you may say about Tun (Dr Mahathir Mohamad), it doesn't make him less of a man than he is. He is the best Prime Minister Malaysia ever had. Others pale in comparison with him in every way.

In his time, he built Malaysia to what the country is today. He has touched so many lives. He has improved the quality of life of millions, including your parents.

He has helped to produce so many middle class families, especially in the Malay community, including thousands of lawyers, doctors, engineers and other professionals.

He has made our lives so much easier that now, when things are a bit rough, we can only whine and complain.

The Malays held their heads higher during his time. He doesn't believe in Western expertise. He believes in us, the Malays, and our ability to head everything.

He has put the royals in their right place and maintained a good lifestyle for them because Malaysia could afford it during his time.

He delivered what he promised. The Opposition was nothing during his time. Now it seems the Malays are doing everything wrong.

Maybe Huzir is not aware of all this because, in his time, when he wanted to go to school, his mother dropped him off; when he wants take a drive, he can take the highway; when he wants to buy things, he goes to the hypermarket.

We, in our time, had to walk to school, take a rickety bus to town, buy groceries from an old Chinese shop in the kampung. In the evenings, we had to help our mothers in the padi field, tap rubber, jual kuih, etc.

We appreciated the good deeds of others instead of highlighting their faults.

Huzir, ask yourself what have you done for the people, for the country. How many people's lives have you personally touched?

Where were you when there was no water in our kampung, when the padi field did not yield a good harvest, when our children needed scholarships?

Have you ever been to a kampung, help the needy, tasted what it is like to work in the padi field or vegetable plot, or tap rubber?

Jangan nak berlagak pandai. Just look deeper in your roots, then you will see the greatness that he has done rather than being preoccupied with finding his faults".

Signed off as Taoyebah Abd Aziz
What can i say here? This is the typical part of the waste product that Mahathir has cultivated through his rule. People, especially the Malays have been tricked, brainwashed and deceived into believing his role in developing the Malay race.
It is true that Malays had benefited from his NEP and Malay supremacy propaganda's but all these handouts comes with a hefty price to pay and this is exactly what we are facing today. This author's mind is clearly one fine example of a mind being brainwashed to look and to gauge things from the surface. Is it so difficult to look deeper to see the reality of all his damaging actions? What happen to the basic moral values?
Just for some mere benefits, we get people like the author, who are more than willing to sell their souls to the devil. These people should be classify as endangered species and believe me, i wont even donate a cent to preserve them.


HopefulPessimist said...

Him? developing the Malays? What he had done was to make the Malays more complacent, even lazy, and when they Malays are forced to work and be equal to others, they whine and complain, they make a big deal out of Malay supremacy, even have the nerve to ask for more.

The author of the letter just demonstrates how easy it is to but the Malays' pride and dignity.

I'm a Malay and I am shaking my head with disgust as well.

TheWhisperer said...

thanks for your comment, hope. i am glad to know there are many like you pushing towards a more healthy culture and i really look forward to that day where we will be all free to roam together regardless of races. i really missed all those times where we played a game of football or build a tree house together in muhibbah spirit.. all these were taken away since he took over.