Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Message to the Prime Minister...

I was 9 years old and living close to the place of incident when racial riot first erupted on May 13th, 1969. It wasn’t a pleasant sight that any child wanted to witness at that tender age. And it took years to finally understand why and how it happened to finally be able to erase these horrifying incidents off my memory. It definitely wasn’t about Malays, Chinese or Indian failing to live and work together in peace. It was about some individuals with their selfish need for power that used other people to stir up racial sentiments to achieve their aims regardless of the number of lives loss as long as it is not theirs or that of their families. And to those who instigated the 1969 racial unrest, where were you when the incident happened?

Over the past weeks, there have been unhealthy signs of instigation made by Mahathir that could lead to a repeat of history. Any instigation made by a man of his caliber should not be taken lightly despite his fading popularity among the rakyat. For, he is someone who has no qualms of bringing destruction to all, just to satisfy his ego.

Mr. Prime Minister, the time has finally arrived for us to deal a final blow and silence this tyrant once and for all. It is also time for all the rakyat across the nation to be given the opportunity to unite into One Voice. Yes, that One Voice loud enough to knock some sense into his thick skull. That One Voice with a message to the world: Malaysians for Peace, Malaysians for Racial Integration and Malaysia for Malaysians.

Mr. Prime Minister, may i suggest with the power vested in you, to allow a day for the rakyat to gather across the nation in unity to convey our heartfelt desire for peace. It will also be a day where all political differences shall be set aside so that all representatives will work together towards the rakyat's aspiration for a peaceful Malaysia.

I do not want to speculate on the importance of having this gathering, more so on the kind of advantage or advantages this event is going to bring to the country. I am just The Whisperer, a lone whispering voice but i am sure that there are plenty out there who share my sentiment.

So Mr. Prime Minister, take a moment of your time and give this a serious thought.

Thank you.
Anak Bangsa Malaysia.


HopefulPessimist said...

I share your sentiment. Let us unite into One Voice - Malaysians Voice.

I'll be walking beside you...

TheWhisperer said...

thanks hope. i look forward to us walking side by side on that historic moment.

lets wait for the PM to digest my message.

this could be the needed booster to move a step forward. can imagine if a million of all droves come out on that day... it will be one loud voice that shakes the world.. exaggerate a bit la.. but it would give a clear message to those racists not to ignore rakyat's desire.

thanks again for being supportive.