Monday, November 3, 2008

4th Candlelight Vigil: A Wet Encounter...

I was caught in a dilemma over my commitment between two loves. One involves fatherly love to my girl and the other is my love to this cause. So, I did some rescheduling with consent from Suzanne to send her to college an hour earlier so that I can be at the vigil for the ending part of it.
It started to rain cats and dogs. Took a slow drive to UKM to drop Suzanne off and then I turned into Alonso, taking my little square box through the wet and slippery road as if I was on rain tyres. Then the moment of truth... a call came in. The Driver regrettably informed me that the vigil was over. It was only 8:45pm. I thought it would be alright to drop by hoping to catch a glimpse of the leftovers or maybe get the feel of the leftover euphoria and perhaps lucky enough to see someone waiting there for me. A text message came in and that was it. I went home feeling truly disappointed.
I surfed through the blogosphere for some news on this vigil. I knew Steest would be the best place to look. She did not disappoint me. Quite heartening to see so many of you braving the rain and from all the photos available, it was a jolly good time... I felt a little relief knowing that this spirit has risen to a point that it is going to grow and stay for good.
My buddy, The Driver, tried his best to console me by emailing me his take on this vigil.

While on my way to the candlelight vigil, some thoughts flashes across my mind. As it was raining quiet heavily, there was some apprehensive feelings that the rain might deter the crowd.Thank you Malaysians who were there to prove me wrong.

What a beautiful sight it is to see a large number of people numbering about 100 to 120 people holding vigil despite the rain.. as the saying goes..rain or shine, we are there. Good people, you can hold your heads high and tell your children..I was there.

After the vigil, went to A& W for our usual sojourn. Have the great honour to meet a young couple from Shah Alam and devoted RPK supporter. My apology for not remembering their names.The wife took the extra trouble to make an unique Free RPK t shirt with beads.. guess I would have to patent this design fast!Met 3 new supporters of which one took the trouble to write some lyrics which we will try to sing the next coming vigil. Great honour to chat with Mr. Ben. He told me that he proudly wore the RPK t shirt around town and his experiences was quiet enlightening. Some people gave him the thumbs up and there was this Malay man running towards him, which gave him a slight fright as he thought it was one of our infamous SB goonie.The guy actually wants to personally shake Mr. Ben's hand for being steadfast in fighting for our Malaysian rights.

After coffee, the usual suspects.. Lucifer-Butler, Rakyat@Work and myself adjourned home feeling that times have really change compared to the environment before the 12 GE.


The Driver

MarkSmith did better by sending me these pics.

Thank you, buddies for all your efforts to soothe this wounded soul and to all people who made this vigil a success, my Salute to all of you from the bottom of my heart.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Wahhhhhhh, you absent also can blog so well and so clear and so much. Great mind lah!!!

Did look out for you but guessed you had something important. I was right! You have your priorities right!

We need to exchange HP numbers!

Errrr, is it okay for me to ask?


TheWhisperer said...

Haha... Don't forget my soul is already deep into this Cause. I can feel it just from reading about it around the blogs, Touching, indeed.

And you notice I do have my agents emailing me everything.

Your post is fantastic...

Will email you my HP number.

Anonymous said...

Ya right, Since when we became your agent? Ha ha, just kidding. A great fellow like you cannot be denied. Our pleasure to network with you. Just keep the flame burning mates, we'll be with you coz thats what friends are for....
Mark Smith

TheWhisperer said...


There's Freelancer. To me, you are my Free Agent coz I get your pics for Free. That's the best part.

Thanks, mate.