Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marina Lee Abdullah: Tribute From The People Who Walk With You..

Love is passionate and deep. It will drive you to do crazy things for each other, be it madness or being acrobatic. But loving a person is actually by knowing all the faults, knowing the good and the bad and still choosing to be together – that is love.
Many of us do not have first-hand knowledge of what married life entails. But I have thought long and hard about it. And I am ready for whatever it may bring – it brought me three wonderful children.
Many of us should consider ourselves insanely lucky to have found the woman who fits beautifully in our life.
The saddest moment in a married life is when we start to take each other for granted. What more when the little bubbling cutie arrives year after year? Time is stretched unbearably with the unending chores and the circle of friend dwindles to a miserably few. With the grace of God, we will live to be grandparents but most of us will see their children leaving the nest to roast on their own. This is when we have to learn to bear the silence each day without hearing their voices.
Any woman is an inspiration to the heart and gives meaning to all the things in life that are frequently left unexplained. The strength of a woman lies deeply within her soul and it is from the depths of that soul, where pain and frustration are often times hidden. So, men will have to salute women for their strength, their power, and the unique abilities that make them what they are. Marina Lee Abdullah is this breed of a woman.

It is futile to spend hours upon hours mulling it over in our heads, trying to make sense of it because she is right before our eyes.

When the inevitable moment comes which make it seems so hopeless and endless, just stretch out your hand in the dark and you will feel her beside you. Her warmth saturates in the lonely air, unseen but soothing. Then, lay your head between her bosoms and listen to the medley of her heartbeat vibrating into your ears. It will be a whole new world to feel the love of your woman to roam unbridled among the myriad of stars in your imagination.

Man will never be alone even in the most trying situation, because she is always there to stand by him. - Tribute from EyeSpy


EyeSpy is a freelance photographer who writes his stories through observation from the window of his camera. He is currently pursuing his stories passionately from the ground as part of his contribution to create awareness for the betterment of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

She is really an amazing lady. Behind every great man, there is a great woman. Marina is definitely a great woman.

TheWhisperer said...


You want to translate this into Mandarin for your blog?

Do give it a thought k?

Anonymous said...

Wow...translation is really not my thing. People will kill me if I translate something wrong :p.

But maybe can let CC LIEW to translate it. He is very good in translating articles and he has a team helping him translating Malaysia-Today's articles.

Anonymous said...

Hi whisperer, u have gud article for your blog. I m gud in mandarin but not gud in English. I like to help to translation and sometime I cannot understand what I read so cannot translate.

I promise myself only to write n also speaking English not mandarin. I want to know English more.

U forgive me yes to write my style of English here. Thats why I say u gud man.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

That's really a good tribute. I wonder how many at the top, can boast of a dynamic and inspiring woman by their side!


Anonymous said...

A fitting tribute to a woman so precious and so true. Well written.

Abd Ghani

Antares said...

The same tribute also fits Wan Azizah perfectly. There must be some special karmic destiny that has brought RPK & Anwar together as political allies, along with their warrior angel wives!

hijau-kiri said...

I am too moved by your tribute to say anything but it makes me pause awhile and think and feel deeply for my mother who passed away a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes Marina is indeed a Great women, i still remember when i was at the PJ court for RPK's trial, when i told her to be strong, she answered in full confidence "Yes i Will". I'm just glad that we shared the moment when RPK was released at the Shah Alam high court, that day was really a day of blessing.

Anonymous said...

I would nominate her First Lady of Malaysia. Raja Petra is so fortunate to meet his soulmate and together they can overcome anything.

Thank you Marina for taking care and being his other half, RPK needs you and we need him!

Anonymous said...

hey duke that was my comment just now for Marina


Fi-sha said...

Dear The Whisperer

That was a lovely tribute and I am glad a gentleman, that's you, was able to put so much essence of love and marriage in tribute to Madam Marina Lee Abdullah. Thank you for sharing and i hope it is ok to reproduce your lovely tribute in my blog so i could share it with others...

Take care!

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir,

thanks for the lovely tribute to Madam Marina Lee Abdullah and other strong, wonderful women out ther. Such a great insight of love and marriage..I hope its ok i could reproduce your tribute in my blog

TheWhisperer said...


Whatever here is meant to be shared.
Feel free to take all you need.

Thanks for dropping by.


TheWhisperer said...

And I just want to say that this tribute was done by one of our comrade (EyeSpy) and I am honored in a way that he has given me access to his rare but well meaningful articles.

All credits should go to him.

Thank you, EyeSpy for your Commitment and Passion.

Indeed, an Honor to be associated with your and not forgetting the whole lot of you out there. Salute!!

Anonymous said...


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